When do Babies sit up unsupported

Parents with Infants: When did your infant sit up, unsupported?

Sit Sitting by itself gives your baby a new perspective on the world. Once you have strengthened the muscles in his neck and arms enough to stay upright and learned where to put his legs do not trip, it's just a matter of time until it starts to crawl , stand and walk .
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At 8 months, most babies can sit well without support for several minutes. (Even babies who dominate the sitting position just collapsing, usually because they lose interest in stand straight).

The next thing you will do is learn to lean on his arms and chest separating the floor, as a kind of miniflexión. At 5 months and may be able to sit a while by itself, although it is advisable that you be close to help. It is also recommended that you surround yourself with pillows to cushion a possible fall.

Soon your baby will learn to maintain balance while sitting extending forward one or two little arms and leaning on them. For seven months, you can probably sit unsupported (which will free your hands to explore the environment) and learn to turn to achieve the objects while sitting.

Perhaps at this time know and use your arms to propel when lying on his tummy and sit. For eight months, it's likely that feel perfectly without any support.


Many pediatricians recommend waiting until the baby can sit without too much support to start giving solid foods .

You can also show a toy or mirror sound when in that position to raise your head, these objects also serve to check your hearing and your sight are fine.

Once your baby feel comfortable and safe while sitting, toys and other objects placed near it-but out of reach-in which you can focus your attention while learning to maintain balance with the help of his arms.

As always, and especially while learning to sit, be sure to be near him in case he falls or, if you want to show your new skills.

Babies develop at their own pace, some faster than others, but head control is essential to be able to sit independently. And sitting is essential to learn to crawl, stand and walk.

Note that premature babies may reach these milestones or key moments of development months later than those born at term

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