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day Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tips for non-smokers

a) Take care of the lungs and takes care of any other organ of the body;
b) Avoid extremes of any nature, especially in temperature extremes. The body has a very effective system for the air reaches the lungs around 37 because the low temperatures impede the passage of oxygen to the blood. The heating process begins at nose (or mouth) and continues through the highly tortuous path which the air travels irrigated until it reaches the lungs. Reaching the bronchi less heated than it should, can stimulate reactions as acute bronchitis or asthma actually are defense strategies lung. The bronchi react first to preserve lung greater wear;
c) Avoid places with large concentrations of pollutants. If this is not possible, use masks or find an efficient way to reduce the amount of dust that can enter the lungs;
d) Stay away as much as possible of infections. Tuberculosis and pneumonia are contagious right, avoid the risk of contracting them;
e) Be aware: if the phlegm produced by chronic sinusitis and rhinitis is aspirated, may cause lung infections. Seek treatment for these pathologies.


a) Decrease the number of cigarettes smoked in a day;
b) Increase the interval between a cigarette and another;
c) Leave the cigarette in the ashtray to rest longer. He will burn in place of your lungs;
d) Be aware that nicotine is a powerful drug. Get rid of it demands effort and persistence, but worth a try: your lungs need help to survive;
e) Do not be fooled: filter cigarettes and cigarette holders do not rid your lungs of toxic and carcinogenic substances that abuse. If you still smoke, but prefer them to cigarettes without any protection;
f) Believe: cigarettes low offer more dangers. Some studies have shown that these two reactions stimulate cigarettes in smokers: increased daily consumption of cigarettes and need for deeper puffs and time-consuming, because the brain only suspend the requirement for nicotine when fully satiated.


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