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WASHINGTON December 8, 2012 Reuters (Epoch Times reporter Yu Tao Jing Ye ﹑ NEW YORK) As Manhattan Borough President Adams static lattice (Scott M. Stringer) withdraw from the competition, the Democratic Party's favorite candidates focused on the city of Ke Kuiying Speaker (Christine Quinn), City Public Advocate Baisi Hao (Bill de Blasio) and former Comptroller Thompson (William C. Thompson, Jr.) and the current City Comptroller John Liu four who. ● Poll: Ke Kuiying distance the Democratic candidate for mayor

Democratic mayoral candidate Ke Kuiying (Christine Quinn), now Speaker of New York City.

According to Quinnipiac University (Quinnipiac University) Research Institute poll released on November 21, a poll showed that New York City is now Speaker of Ke Kuiying (Christine Quinn) to 65% of the electorate's support rate (much higher than the current Mayor Bloomberg's support rate), the Democratic candidate in the primaries (Primary vote) in the order of 32% of the vote, more than the sum of the other four candidates of the vote, into the 2013 New York mayoral election.

Immediately after the vote the Democratic primaries Ke Kuiying are: former New York City Comptroller Bill. Thompson 10%; New York City Public Advocate Baisi Hao 9%; incumbent City Comptroller John Liu 5%;, and Manhattan Borough President Adams static grid of 4% of the vote. The survey was conducted in Sri static grid exit before the mayoral election.

Mayoral candidate, City Public Advocate Baisi Hao (Bill de Blasio).

● Ke Kuiying Baisi Hao divergent economic policies now

Recently, Crain's New York Business (Crain's New York Business) and New York City Partnership (Partnership forNew York City) jointly organized a business forum, inviting candidates for the Democratic Party mayors hurricane disaster handling, tax policy and small businesses face difficulties and other issues to express their views. Moderator, New York City's main partner Xihuaierde (Kathryn S. Wylde) to "post-Bloomberg era" as the subject of discussion. Bloomberg called her "one of us" because Bloomberg on economic and commercial issues and more have to take care of, but frankly the next mayor's attitude uneasy. "Continuation" or "change" Bloomberg Government's economic policy has therefore become the focus of discussion topics. When asked, "If elected mayor, how would you maintain the business people's confidence in the development of the city?", The two candidates Baisi Hao (Bill de Blasio) and Ke Kuiying (Christine C. Quinn) tit for tat. As Bloomberg Government critics over the years, Baisi Hao considered "current urban situation is unacceptable, " "the city's economy did not enter the right track", so there is no "continue to maintain confidence, " the proposition. In contrast, the one standing Bloomberg Ke Kuiying then expressed optimism about the situation, stressing Bloomberg "to help New York City in the worldwide economic downturn to maintain a stable business environment", "at this point better than all U.S. cities all good. "

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