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They once lived in zusammmen a diverse student-flat in Barcelona. Then everyone is gone to his own life, that now, 5 years later, another meeting of the multicultural WG is established. The film is constructed similarly to the first part. Xavier, inzwiscchen writer, with more or less success, is the narrator with genüsslichem French accent. All other calls made (if it is because trusts), in accordance with spoken language with German subtitles. In my eyes, the better variant of enjoyment.

It is, how should it be otherwise, about love, career and life. And the life of Xavier is messed up. He flies from one situation to another, and frequently change according to the localities.

He meets the more controversial brother (William), his former roommate in Paris. William has already then polished by prejudice. And not only made friends.

And so he can not take it, of course, a pretty French girl shout: "Voulez vous coucher avec moi?". What he explains it: "I always wanted to ask ever". Who would not? William has got married. And me (the viewer) it has amused.

And from such unexpected comic relief of the film lives. No, the plot is of course also important.

William, who only a year takes time to learn Russian in order to meet its heart lady again, now invites all to his wedding.

Bringing the already internationally motley crew will be expanded.

So William loves his Russian. And he has become not more mature than it was then.

And Xavier? Who he really loves? Since many would qualify ..... ... ... Or is it just one? Also loves his ex. But who only? Everyone loves everyone and a woman loves a woman, but then they do not love.

Those who have always wanted to do or say what he did not dare, because it was too crazy .... Here he will see how it's done.

"In the world live 4 billion women ... Nice that you can opt for a". This final sentence is actually William, with seriousness, Xavier, with anger himself with irony.

L'auberge Espagnole 2 As colorful as life, this film. And even if it is not a conventional Kommödie. It has joy, mourning for, and shakes his head.

Welcome to real life.

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