Baby not sitting at 6 months

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Although this word is hated by all specialists in child development and professionals in the field of health, the fact remains that it is often part of the questions that we, as parents. And I am no exception.

Is my child normal? istock_000011366285xsmall

Will my child will be sitting when 6 months?

Does he take his bottle himself shortly after?

Is that my little walk on all fours as fast as the little neighbor did?

Yes, but is that my child is normal?

Does my child decide "mama" and "dada" to 1 year?

Does he remove his shoes by himself soon?

Is that my little succeed to run as fast as his cousin?

Really, I wonder: Is my child normal?

Does my child recite rhymes shortly?

Does it will role play with us soon?

Is that my little learn to count at the same rate as other children in the daycare?

Gradually, life brings me the answers to all these questions. Unfortunately, in my case, so far, they do not match the ideal I had in mind.

Despite all this, I do not say that it is not "normal." Well, okay ... It may be a little "different", but the time will come quite possibly lessen the gap with the standards that I can play left and right. I have not yet sure, but I hope so.

The only thing I'm absolutely certain this is the pride I feel when I have before me. My boy confronts the disease, brave storms to which many of us would have caved. My son is a superhero!

There is this pride and too much love. Because yes, if you knew how much I love it, it's incredible.

And when I look at when I admire when I see it evolve despite these differences, I wonder if this is not what that I may be a little more than "normal love "...

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My twins were like that, crawling at 4 months,

Getting themselves into sitting positions by 5 months, eating finger food by 6 months, walking at 9 & 10 months, RUNNING opposite directions be 12 months! It was crazy! They have not slowed down a bit since.
Once when they were just 5 months old, one of them climbed up on the double stroller while my back was turned at a moms & babies group. He got up with his feet on the arm rest and reaching to the top of the stroller. I was talking to another mom and she said OMG look! Her baby was the same age and not rolling over yet. I always had to pull my babies off the other ones who were laying on their backs on the floor.

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