Baby sitting up at 5 months old

January 15

What has changed from the past? What does it mean? The 2013 bonus consists of a voucher for the payment of the baby-sitter, and only used for 6 months in the first year of a child's life.

Compared to the baby bonus 2012, which qualified as a sum average of 500 Euros delivered to households (the amount of which varied according to income and region to region), but there are some variations.

The baby bonus, 2013, in fact, is solely to pay a babysitter or nursery for a maximum of 6 months, to be exploited in the first 12 months of life of the small and to a maximum of 300 Euros.

bonus bebè 2013 Baby Bonus for working mothers

In addition, the users of the baby bonus in 2013 will necessarily have to give up the optional maternity leave.

But how do you apply? The assignment of the voucher will not be presenting the classic paperwork, but will be set up (at a date yet to be decided, but very soon) a day click official, a day in which you can submit a request for granting the baby bonus in 2013 exclusively online.
This is an extremely significant: those who want to receive the voucher will then provide to send the application via the web, no longer showing up at the municipal offices dedicated.

In summary, to conclude, the baby bonus 2013 states that the baby sitter are paid through the system of good work , also known as voucher work, as long as the beneficiaries demonstrate that their child attends a nursery or to be assisted by a "nanny" .

Bonus valid, however, only for a semester, and by the age of the child, not beyond.
During the day click will take precedence those who have a lower value Isee (the index of household wealth calculated on the basis of income, property and money to the account), while, at the same "heritage", will make the faith ' order of presentation of the application. The list will be unique on a national basis.

A "help" of 300 Euros is not much, but these days all (to stay on the subject) broth ago .. no?

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2009-05-31 11:07:07 by --

My twins were like that, crawling at 4 months,

Getting themselves into sitting positions by 5 months, eating finger food by 6 months, walking at 9 & 10 months, RUNNING opposite directions be 12 months! It was crazy! They have not slowed down a bit since.
Once when they were just 5 months old, one of them climbed up on the double stroller while my back was turned at a moms & babies group. He got up with his feet on the arm rest and reaching to the top of the stroller. I was talking to another mom and she said OMG look! Her baby was the same age and not rolling over yet. I always had to pull my babies off the other ones who were laying on their backs on the floor.

2006-02-07 21:16:18 by anitgone

My twins walked at 9 & barely 10 months.

They held their heads up pretty well by 2 weeks, rolled at 8 weeks and 10 weeks, crawled forward and got themselves into sitting up positions at 4.5 and 5 months to the day, walked pretty steadily at 9 & barely 10 months. But they did not talk at 7 months, nowhere close! One is finally now, at 5, over a speech delay. But there was another mom in our mom's group whose 7 month old talked. I thought she was hearing things, but this baby really did say things like mama, ba (ball) ca (cat). Pretty amazing. It is possible.
That said, parents tend to have mother amnesia big time.

2005-12-08 09:44:32 by lowfatmuffin

She's 2 weeks old, babies cry a lot at that age

Just because she never has before doesn't mean that anything is wrong. her life history isn't that long for you to judge yet what is normal and not for her, and babies change every single day for the first few months. She could be hitting colic age, growth spurt, or just a general realization that she's not in the womb.
If you haven't read Happiest Baby on the Block then buy it, read it and follow it exactly as he outlines it. That's what helped my baby when she was 1-8 weeks old. Some of the stuff may sound a bit kooky, but disregard the fact that it might seem odd and just follow it exactly

2010-11-24 17:21:35 by threecrazycats

How long before giving up? (cats getting along)

About five months ago, I took in an 8 year old female (spayed) cat. I already have two 6 year old males (neutered). One of my males is a bit of a bully, he's not particularly aggressive or anything, but he likes to act like "top cat". The female I took in had never lived with other cats before, though she'd lived with a dog at one time.
I've had to keep her separated from the males all this time, except for some (rare) supervised visits. I'm still not comfortable leaving them together unsupervised because they sometimes will scrap. I've got two baby gates (stacked) to a room where she lives, and the males have the run of the house

2006-04-14 11:58:05 by anitgone

My boys are both like that, but they have each

Other to smother. They are twins. It is super sweet, IMO. However - I have had other parents with only 1 kid really freak a little about it, and in turn their kid freaks. Plus some kids are big on personal space, and do not want to be touched or hugged. So I gently re-directed my boys. They didn't get it until around age two. I remember when they were babies, about 6 months old and super mobile, once they were crawling all over a friend's baby the same age who was not yet really sitting up. She was in her car seat, and just seemed curious about my boys but her mom reacted and in turn she then started crying

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