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Tax return 2013 Guide to Income Tax calculation in view of the maturities of the 730 tax: taxable persons, the tax base, tax rates for income brackets, deductible expenses and deductions.

Tax return 2012: Guide to Income Tax calculation.

Handbook on tax rates, deductions and income tax deductions (personal tax) for the correct compilation of the 730/2013 ( for download ) for the tax return, in view of forthcoming tax: delivery by April 30 to substitute d ' sets and by 31 May to CAF or accountant.

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In accordance with the legislation, the income tax applies to income in cash or in kind, and are subject to tax individuals: residents in the territory of the State will be taxed for income products everywhere, the other only for income earned in the State.

Tax base

The tax applies to the total income of the net of any deductible expenses. Are excluded from the tax base:

  • exempt income,
  • income subject to withholding tax as a tax as interest current account or bonds,
  • income subject to withholding tax,
  • periodic payments paid to separated or divorced spouse to the extent determined by the court for exclusive child support,
  • family allowances.

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Deductible expenses

Medical expenses and specific assistance. The deduction is up to the taxpayer whose name is on the document certifying the expenditure, if fiscally dependent on another, it is the latter deduction for the full amount.

A cquisto of medicines. The expenditure must be certified by invoice or receipt containing speaking nature, quantity and quality of goods and the indication of the tax code of the recipient.

Social security contributions. Those paid in a mandatory or optional to the management of the pension scheme compulsory membership are fully deductible, even if incurred for individuals fiscally responsible.

Contributions for employees in domestic service and family or personal assistance (home helps, babysitters, caregivers). Are deductible up to a maximum amount of € 1, 549.37.

Sums paid to supplementary pension schemes by the worker and the employer. Are deductible up to a maximum amount of € 5, 164.57.

Deduction home

It is deducted from the taxable income of the first house, with its appurtenances. L 'main residence is where the person usually lives and should correspond with my residence.

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Otherwise, the taxpayer should include the income tax return with a certificate of residence at a place other than that resulting from population registers, confirmed by objective circumstances such as the header of households.

The facility is available until the amount of the cadastral income ( read how to calculate it ) of the first house and appurtenances relating to the period of the year when there is a destination as a principal residence, and in any case in proportion to the percentage of ownership of the property . This means that:

  • if the property has also been used as a place of exercise of 'business activity, trade or profession, the deduction is up to 50%;
  • if the percentage of ownership relative to the main house has changed during the year, the deduction payable shall be calculated according to the average percentage of ownership;
  • if the 'property is only used for part of the year, the deduction only in respect of the share of income for the period in which the property was actually used as a first home.

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