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The one and two-star hotels in Florence will offer much lower prices on rooms, but do not Also Provide as many amenities as the blackberries expensive ones. They can be limited with the number of rooms available, and they have shared baths Often, but These hotels still offer simple pleasures, if that's what you're looking for. The Majority Of These smaller hotels are family operated, so you have the advantage of blackberries intimate hospitality. Some of the nicer low-budget hotels to keep in mind are: The Dante Hotel, at $ 50 per night, featuring a golf course and babysitting service; The Orcanga Hotel, at $ 30 per night, offering rooms with larger baths and balconies, the Panorama Hotel, at $ 25 nightly, or the Corcini, Lausanne or Tina Hotels, each at $ 40 per night and offering comfortable, simple rooms.

Three / Four-Star Rating

Rated at three stars, you can expect Particular These hotels to offer a fairly good value to price ratio. Expect them to more consistent quality Than That found in two-star hotels, private baths, cable television, possibly Internet access, and much larger rooms. If you're interested in three and four-star hotels, be sure to review these: The Hotel Hangers, Which starts around $ 155 nightly and Allows pets, the River Hotel, Which is Also $ 155 nightly and is very clean and comfortable, the Executive Hotel, Which starts at $ 150 and offers babysitting services, or the Carolus, Paris Hotel and Alamanni Hotel, Which range from $ 70 to $ 100 nightly and have larger, clean rooms and full private baths.

Five-Star Rating

To be rated five stars in the hotel industry is a huge accomplishment. These accommodations normally have the nicest furnishings, views, amenities including spas, pools, restaurants, room service, and more. Many of the higher-end hotels are located right in downtown Florence, just steps away from many of the sights. Five-star hotels are obviously the most expensive and listed are the best of the best: The Westin Excelsior Florence, at $ 350 nightly, Accepts pets and offers babysitting services, the Villa La Vedeta, at $ 200 nightly, has a large swimming pool and hot tub available to guests, the Grand Hotel Villa Medici runs about $ 400 nightly and has a full fitness center and swimming pool, and the Regency is $ 275 nightly and has an on-site gourmet restaurant.

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