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Laugh sheets?

If you wanted to represent a spirit in Shakespeare's time - about Hamlet's father - so the actor was allowed to go in heavy battle armor on the stage. The unusual in Elizabethan armor should refer again Antiquarian, otherworldly - but meant that the heranstolzierenden with a loud clatter figures provoked the audience to laugh at most. In the 19th Century then put the shroud as ghosts through feature, and finally, as a zero grade, the white sheets.

Logically, one would have to show modern spirits in Sunday clothes, you dead yet there is nowadays mainly in suits. This update has failed, and so the mind can no longer under the sheets scare elementary school students. It has become a cliché that also only produced comedy. Appear in a horror film floating over the ground sheets, you also know with low genre knowledge, including that of security is nothing gruesome. Probably just a kid, and just a cat jumps out from a door snoring.

But what really floored me was, when I saw this cliché in the horror strip "Paranormal Activity 3", and indeed played straight! In it can not take Toby home spirit, covered with a sheet of ambush unsuspecting babysitter. That this scene, as indeed the whole film, actually works and has given me bigs, almost makes me smile again.

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2012-03-12 11:47:44 by Adri415

Probably babysitting and going to school FT

Thanks very much for the info! 3 bedroom because I have Public Housing Assistance and my voucher is for 3 rooms. I would LIKE to live downtown but in a nice and decent area, although I know it's very costly... But other areas wouldn't matter as long as they are suitable for kids. I am also a Jr. College Student so I need to be located in a convenient area. I'm planning on bringing my car if I move out there, not sure how that goes either, i'm sure it's a different story by neighborhoods.

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