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Around midnight ... we're back! Supervisory duties in Babysitting

Most parents need a babysitter, sooner or later, be it for professional reasons, return to work after having a baby or just to look for a long time to spend an evening together again. But it is difficult for many parents to give their child in someone else's hands.

Babysitting is legally take over the supervision. Although in principle the parents are obliged to supervision over their minor children, but they can temporarily the supervisory duties to other persons, such as a babysitter transferred. However, you must select a suitable person for this and much else needs to be considered on both sides, so as to avoid false expectations, misunderstandings or even legal disadvantages.

The most important thing for supervisory duties:

Any person who provides their services as a babysitter will know that they have during that period entrusted to supervise the child and as a result thereof may be responsible for damages suffered by the child or self-inflicted. Nevertheless, often there is uncertainty on both sides because on the one hand it is not clear how and under what circumstances the duty of supervision is transferred, the obligations arising specifically from it and when ultimately there is a breach of the duty of supervision, as a result of a babysitter may be liable for damages.

It is in fact already the question of how the child's parents may transfer their supervisory duties to other people. But the actual transfer of supervision, so that without comment Leave the child to foreign custody, not enough, but a contractual agreement is required. Such a contract on the transfer of parental supervision requirement may be in writing, orally or implied, is strongly recommended but with the agreement down in writing in order to prove the transfer of supervision in doubt can.

If the babysitter - what will happen often - even is still a minor, it must be ensured that the parents of the babysitter beforehand detectable declare their consent to these activities, which usually takes place in a written statement. Background of this important technicality is the fact that, according to § § 107, 108 paragraph 1 BGB
§ 107 BGB, the consent of the legal representative
The minor requires a declaration of will by which he not only obtained a legal advantage, the consent of his legal representative.

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2007-11-09 16:23:20 by flowerflower

I have a crush on the man whose child I babysit.

I watch his daughter Andrea, 10. Her mom's in Vegas & has no rights to custody. The dad, Todd, is going thru a divorce now w/ his 2nd wife, not Andrea's mom. That marriage hasn't lasted long. One reason for it ending is that Todd didn't like the way Andrea & her stepmom interacted, she wasn't ready to be a mother. His marriage with Andrea's mom ended badly because she cheated on him continuously & had 2 more kids by other dads. This description makes Todd sound trashy, but he's not. He's an excellent dad to Andrea, and he keeps the negativity out of her life related to his exes. It's sad Andrea has no mom figure, and 10 is a tender age to be without a female influence

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