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Le Panier is the name of the old town, which is to go back to a hostel called "Le Logis du Panier", which in itself 17 Century in today's "rue du Panier" was.

The Diamond House
The contract to build the diamond house (Maison Diamantée) have given rich Italians and Spaniards. It was occupied by influential families Marseille, until it was broken during the revolution. The Diamond House is a perfect example of the Provençal mannerism. Due to its remarkable facade of rough, hewn stones and diamonds similar to the decorations on his staircase is unique in Marseille. End of the 19th Century were housed in the building dock workers and Italian immigrants.
Beginning of the 20th Century, the house should be demolished dilapidated. The association "Art et Charité" (Art and Charity), however it arises in 1922 and bequeathed it to the "Comité du Vieux-Marseille" (Old Town Committee).
Asked in 1925 listed building escapes the destruction of houses in 1943 and since 1967 the Musée du Vieux Marseille (Museum of Old Marseille). The museum is keen, the identity and traditions of the city based on specific themes, such as the galleys of King René, to convey the plague of 1720, the plan Lavastre the heels of Marseille, furniture, Santon and playing cards.
The Diamond House is now therefore a now rare witness of the past in Marseille and the rich patrician houses this Seehändlerviertels.

(seit 1945 teilweise unter Denkmalschutz) The pavilion Daviel (since 1945 partially listed building)
The Palace of Justice in Marseille mid 18th Century by the architect brothers Gérard Marseilles instead of an old court of the 16th Century built. The building was built with pink stone from the quarries of La Couronne and has a relatively narrow, but more between successful facade in simple style of the Provençal houses of the 18th Century. The slender stem is topped by an allegorical pediment, the noble floor with a magnificent wrought iron balconies in Marseille for the 18th Century typical daisies decorated style. The sculptures created by Verdiguier symbolizing the Hand of Justice (Goddess of Justice) and the torch of Themis (goddess of the legal system), the angels present (during the Revolution damaged) arms of the king and the children of the tablets of the Law, and the coat of arms.
During the Revolution, the sentences were announced by this balcony, under the guillotine waiting for the ... During the Second Empire (1850 - 1872), a new Palace of Justice was built. The old Palace of Justice from 1875 to 1893 housed the medical school and was then attached to the historic town hall.

folgt dem Verlauf der antiken Hauptstraße, die man noch heute im Jardin des Vestiges (Ausgrabungspark) besichtigen kann, und die bis zum Place de Lenche führte, dem ehemaligen Marktplatz (der hellenistischen Agora). The Grand'Rue follows the course of the ancient main street, you can visit the Jardin des Vestiges (Archaeological Park) today, and that led to the Place de Lenche, the former market square (the Hellenistic agora). Built by the Phocaeans road is about 3 feet below the present street. Already in the 6th Century BC, the road was extremely busy, since she joined the main public institutions together, and went about on its edge, merchants and craftsmen of their employment and markets were held. This is even after 2600 years now! Grand'Rue led by the streets bearing the names of the various guilds, the harbor, the commercial center of the city.

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2009-11-30 11:14:55 by pbp

Off topic but

Thank you for the professionalism I see here.
I left the Teakwondo association I was with as it had become a baby sitting and belt selling service.
You questions, your responses, and even the fact that you don't have a link to a school in your profile indicate to me that you are not an instructor who needs to worry about his (or her) class turning into a babysitting service.
Keep up the good work.

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