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Miss the great country of Xerox (on) Computer industry in the history of a tortuous

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Editor's note: YMBA for you to offer a fun read both historical and industry wisdom inspired book "devil 2.0.1" ; This book is for you breakdown the early development of computers and networks romantic stories, and see had a chance to step into the temple Xerox PC is how misjudge the situation.

Study the Holy Land settled

Mette Kefi (Bob Metcalfe) is a famous inventor of Ethernet, once when he was still a graduate student in the ARPA network, and later the founder of the famous Harvard Ph.D. and communications technology company 3Com.

Mette Kefi debut in 1973, when he was awarded a Ph.D. from Harvard, and was in Hawaii aired a dark skin, but also from Hawaii back to a full wireless packet network concept notebook. With a happy mood, he returned to Xerox PARC center to work, think about some advanced concepts.

1958 Previously, Xerox called Herod company (Haloid Company), three years after the renamed "Herod - Xerox." The launch of the first truly efficient and modern Xerox nine hundred fourteen-type copying machine, was renamed Xerox.

Entire 一九 六 ○'s, the company's annual rate of increase in sales for the three 到 五 ○ ○%, from 2059's $ thirty-two million to sixty-eight annual sales more than 1.01 billion, while profits up one thousand three hundred and eighty thousand. This is a niche market in a very advantageous for blue chip companies, and there are sufficient funds to seek new product line development.

Xerox research center set up by the company later became CEO Sean Love (Peter McCoulough) hand, he hopes to have a Xerox-style institutions like Bell Labs, one conducted by the country's top talent purely research work, short-term profits without regard to the place.

Explore the unknown hotbed

The first one is the head of PARC Peck (George Pake), when Xerox invited, he just resigned from a university administrative staff. Peck a new appointment, invited Taylor as this research institutes in the planning and talent recruit consultancy. Taylor in 1969 left the Pentagon, and the University of Utah for a year or so. Taylor founded ARPA network that period, had to recruit a lot of first-class talent and is responsible for management, recruit talent, and how to attract these people quite a ways. He advocated the establishment of institutions must be close to the location of the computer science department has excellent schools, and should be located in California, because this place most likely to attract foreign talent.

Site selection becomes very simple: Xerox PARC is located in the Stanford Research Park.

PC Internet pioneer

In Taylor's recommendation, also recruited a seven year leave of BBN Al Kender (Jerry Elkind). He and Taylor are NASA colleagues, and later accepted Taylor's ARPA sponsored research funding. Al Kender was appointed manager of the computer science laboratory, while Taylor is a computer science lab assistant manager (that he hired his boss). Taylor and Al Kender different, he did not receive training in computer science, eight years after he was officially promoted to manager. But his talent management and recruiting long before, so PARC become pioneering the field of computer science known hotbed.

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