Babysitting Pay Rate

As with any contract, the salary of a babysitter is negotiable, depending on the route, the number of children to keep or ancillary tasks as requested by the household example. However, there are a number of things to know before hiring!

What is the price of a babysitter. Recall first that moonlighting is prohibited and dangerous! Declare your employee (s) at home is not only mandatory, but it is also and above all safer because in case of an accident, you are assured (s) to be covered (e). On the other hand, this allows the sitter to contribute to retirement, and may well prove payslips. As such, and to fight against the precariousness of employee (s) at home, a decree was recently adopted (in the Bill Financing Social Security) to secure the payment of social security contributions (see article on the abolition of the system of contribution to the package ). In return, individuals, employers are granted a standard deduction of € 0.75 / h.

The legal minimum wage
If the schedule a babysitter rate is negotiable, within the limits of reasonable however, it can not be less than the minimum wage, or € 9.43 gross per hour (upgraded from 1 January 2013 rate). However, it should be noted that labor costs (10% compensation for holiday pay, etc.) are added, and are thus climb the hourly cost to € 12.16 / h. But do not worry, thanks to the check service employment , you get a tax reduction of 45% (since 1 January 2013), calculated on the total wages paid charges included (although with a ceiling of € 12, 000 per year or € 20, 000 for people with disabilities or dependent). Thus remains your responsibility as the sum of € 6.08 after tax cut. Finally, note that the CAF supports 50% of the social security contributions of the babysitter.

Everything is a question of age!

It is important to remember that the legal minimum age for employment is 16 years. Feel free to hire a baby sitter under 16 but the law does not allow it, and the risks are significant, especially in case of an accident! On the issue of salary, age makes a difference. In fact, between 16 and 17 years, the babysitter will only receive 80% of the minimum wage (€ 7.52 gross / h or € 5.79 net) at 17, the rate was 90% (8 , 46 € gross / h or € 6.51 net). Hire a babysitter minor is financially advantageous, but what matters above all else is the maturity of the person, regardless of her age, she should be responsible and competent, so is the safety of your child. A state that is prohibited to minors beyond 22h work, think about it!

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