Babysitting 7 months


A couple of Nunez denounced the nanny who cared for her 4 years. Parents recorded with a hidden camera mistreated women how the little girl, to which he shouted, beat and even walked on.

Andrés Paclayán, Valentina dad, said that half a month ago the girl "began to have recurring nightmares and also screamed a lot." There they decided to put a hidden camera to see if the woman who cared for her was the cause of Valentina's mood change.

In the video, which spread America TV, watched as the woman who cared for the girl screamed, pushed and even looks at a picture how the sole while the girl is on the floor.

Paclayán the woman said she had recommended a co-worker of his wife, and that she attended an evangelical church. Filed a complaint with the police 35 ° and the babysitter is a fugitive.

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снятие и установка насоса для масла
2007-03-02 14:09:19 by nuffi

I NEED A BABYSITTER! to watch 16 & 3 month olds

I am looking for a mature & experienced babysitter to watch my 2 small children. I have 2 boys which are 16 months old & 3 months old. Watching 2 small children does require a lot of patience! You MUST have work related references!!!
I live in the University area & would require babysitting to be done at my home. I do not need a babysitter everyday, only about once a week. I would only be gone 2-6 hours each time. You will be paid on an hourly basis. Hourly wadge anywhere from $5.50 - $7 an hour (determined by experience) Basically, I need someone to watch my children if me & my husband ever decide to go out

click here 2006-08-18 18:35:40 by Yahshua

Pls. Help. I nd. Advice. I used to babysit my

Son for the last 7 months from 12 hors a day since I work grave and swing. Now my gf since we seperated two weeks ago just decided to give one day a week to babysit my son. We are not married, I have not proved paternity yet but no one is disputing my fatherhood right now. She wants to pay all the babysitting but I used to do it voluntarily now I am deprived and charged for her prefernce and choices. I moved out five blocks away two weeks ago to visit my son daily and babysit him. Now since my visitation privileges have been revoked I need a 12 hour diversion. I sought out a place in Santa Monica 70 miles away from OC to follow my passion 2006-08-21 17:04:34 by Yahshua

$500 expedited child support from 01-17-06 when

My son was born although I am the primary caregiver being that I chose to work grave and some swing so we could take turns babysitting. I baby sit from 7:30 up to 2100 or 9PM when I go to work since she goes to school after work yet I my ex-gf is attempting to charge retroactively 7 months ago. For last two years I've paid rent, all meals , entertainment and 3 cel phones for living in her house. I buy all diapers, baby formula and baby sit 14 hours per day yet I am being charged $500 still. I will bill her $40/ day for her three weeks vacation in Europe while I babysat alone. $20/ day for the last 7 months to cancel out her $500 demand retroactively

Johannesburg wedding photographer 2005-10-01 20:57:06 by lmullrich

Babysitting Rates $$$

I'm a 19 year old college student who has been babysitting since 13 years old - before then, I was a mother's helper. I wanted to know what parents think I should charge an hour for babysitting jobs (or/and what they pay their babysitter). I live on the North Shore of Long Island.
My experience:
babysitting since 13 (6 years+)
Several families - but mainly 2 - one family with twins since the age of 2, another family with 4 kids since the ages of 9 months, 4, 7 and 8.
(I have even watched all 6 children together at times since they were neighbors.)
Worked in a daycare center for 6 months, working with children from ages 2 months to 5 years old

Tbpsl 2011-04-30 18:59:33 by beachbum90064

The real value of a teacher

Cons sit on their fat asses and bitch all day long that teachers do not do their jobs, yet the real job of teachers is to babysit their inbred brats all day and try to do the parents' job of motivating them then teaching them, so they are glorified babysitter...but lets look at the reality
If you get it right down to it, teachers usually teach 7 hours a day - physical teaching, not prep, but in the classroom babysitting your mouth breathers
They work 5 days a week
They work say 8 months of the year - 32 weeks babysitting your mouth breather idiot
Average class size is 30 for this discussion
pay for babysitting is $8 an hour
now add it up, if the teacher would quit and do the same they do at their own daycare
they would make $268,800

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