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The Framed Lady: February 2013

Car seats rear-facing up to 2 years in the U.S.

The risk of injury to a child under 2 years are five times lower when in a car seat "back on the road." Faced with these figures of road safety in different countries, the United States publish new recommendations and thus encourage their citizens to use a back seat to the road up to the age of two years against a year earlier.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Road Safety Agency (ASRA) are clear: the children up to 2 years must travel in seats "back road" to avoid serious injury in an accident.

Physiology to meet

In France it is recommended to install the children of less than one year in facing away from the road. Some models can be installed facing the road at the age of 9 months. For the American Academy of Pediatrics is too early even dangerous in case of impact.

Indeed, the young have a heavy head and a still little muscular neck that is hard to remember. That is why in case of collision or crash it must be able to be protected as well as the spine. From two years, the muscles developed and then allows installation facing the road.

According to an analysis conducted in 2007 on five years of accidents, babies a year five times less likely to be injured if they are installed "back on the road." According to Dr. Denis Durbin, a pediatric emergency at the hospital in Philadelphia, a thousand injured children in installed facing the road over a period of 15 seats would not have been injured by a "system back to the road ".

The American Traffic Safety Agency and the American Academy of Pediatrics therefore recommend installing "back road" up to 2 years and even talk to maintain this position as long as possible in the age group 1-3 years, until 'that the child reaches the weight limits set by the model of the seat. Older children must be installed on risers to be attached with the seat belt. Thus it maintains proper installation of seat belts and avoid in case of impact pressure on the abdomen, often causing injury as well as the spine. In the United States, only children over 1m44 can be installed as adults. In France it is from 10 years.

Finally, if a child of a year became too big for his seat, parents should be the acquisition of another model for an installation "back road" to his two years.

And France?

On the other side of the Atlantic to the new regulations have not yet been mentioned, but some car seats are already adapted by increasing the ability of the models. Many of them can accommodate a weight of 15kg settling "back to the road." Theoretically a seat group 0 and 0 + can support a weight of 13kg which is the average weight of a two year old child.

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