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You can also choose to have your child in your home by keeping a master auxiliary, an ad hoc or regular basis, through an association or directly as an employer. This reception mode can benefit from financial assistance: home early childhood benefit (ELP) of the CAF, credit income tax, universal service employment check (CESU) pre-funded or not.


Association dependent ADMR, offering cleaning services, ironing, babysitting and tutoring. ZAC du Bois des Communes, rue du Luxembourg Tel: 02 32 32 84 24. Mail: . Website:

Contact Service

intermediary organization offering personal services (including cleaning, ironing, babysitting more than three years, shopping, tutoring ...): 18 bis avenue Aristide Briand-Tel 02 32 38 28 13. Mail: contact.service.evreux @


2, rue Chateaubriand. Tel: 02 32 28 53 53. Mail: ass.adef27 @

In addition:

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2009-11-30 11:14:55 by pbp

Off topic but

Thank you for the professionalism I see here.
I left the Teakwondo association I was with as it had become a baby sitting and belt selling service.
You questions, your responses, and even the fact that you don't have a link to a school in your profile indicate to me that you are not an instructor who needs to worry about his (or her) class turning into a babysitting service.
Keep up the good work.

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