My baby sleeps sitting up

The fourth month of the baby 2When your baby reaches four months is more attentive and tries to contact you through sounds and gestures,through facial expressions see if you are happy or uncomfortable.You may still suffering from some cramping,but should be decreasing in the coming weeks,but if you see that persist'd better bring him to the pediatrician for check and tell you what to do.

In his eagerness to grab all hands,from the fourth month add another hobby,start to put everything in their mouths.Your baby is slowly getting to know her body and likes to touch his feet and take them to the mouth also.When they are small muscles are very flexible and you will see for yourself making moves that would be impossible,not scold him for wanting to try everything in her mouth,is her way of knowing your body and experiment with his surroundings.

Physical Development

  • Has begun its second quarter level of growth and this is becoming a bit slower than in the first weeks.
  • At the end of this month will weigh between 6 and 6, 200 pounds and can reach a height of 63 or 64 inches.
  • You may sleep between 8 and 10 hours and sleep nap.
  • As for their skills and abilities you'll see trying to sit or roll over by itself.
  • Your stools become more sporadic,is completely normal your digestive system is under development.The fourth month of baby 1
  • His head is firm but always need more support or affirm him to stay in one position.
  • Demonstrates increasing control in the third month in their coordination and management of their limbs.
  • His sight is more acute and if you see something that catches your eye try to catch it,not wait till I come.
  • Continue taking everything in their mouths,this will last a while so do not despair,will continue to explore.

From the fourth month,your baby is beginning to develop its social side,you'll see who cries when left alone,will want to spend all day with her mom and looks more concentration than before things catch your eye,is capable of stare.

Activate your skills

When your baby try to get your attention do not ignore it and render all your attention,this will help give your communication and your behavior.When you visit or grandparents or uncles come home,present them,and your baby will get used to strangers and will lose the shyness.


During the fourth month of life,your baby should continue with breast milk and now the shots are not as straight and can be extended to four hours.If you work or are busy to give breastfeeding,can get you milk and store it in the fridge and someone else can give it,this will give you a little more independence to do your stuff.

What moms and dads ask ...

My baby is teething

"Hello girls,how are you? For my 4 month old will teething. What I can do?,Is quite annoying and I'd do anything to calm her." More

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BABYBJORN BABYBJORN BabySitter Balance, Brown/Beige
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2008-10-31 23:25:32 by UberDog

My puppy doesn't drink when he's sleeping!

Mine isn't interested in drinking water after about 7pm anyway...why? Because he has to walk a WHOLE 15 feet ...alllllll the down the hall to the kitchen and LEAVE ME ...OMG!! Heaven forbid!
Why do you want to curb the water? Is it for potty training? I didn't do it myself because I couldn't trust that he was "done" peeing when we went to bed for the night. Puppies seem to always be falling asleep anytime anywhere...and mine was always passing out early only to wake up at midnight wanting to play for awhile before going back to sleep. I just used the fact that puppies up to 3 months hold their pee _no longer_ than 3 hours, and every month they can go a little longer 2010-07-09 22:38:00 by aemrynna

My Kitten Attacked by a Feral

So, 2 nights ago, 2 of my 9 week old foster kittens were sitting in my bedroom window to catch the breeze coming in. Out of nowhere, I hear one of them start to scream. A feral cat that has been attacking our screens when the little ones lay near them had torn through the screen and grabbed the runt of the litter, Little Bit, by the throat. My Fiance goes for his gun, and I turn on the light and finally realize what is happening. Thank God the cat got tangled in our curtain. He couldnt shake her that way. When he saw me, he let go and ran. I scooped Little Bit up because she is scared and I see a cut on the back of her head, or so I think

non-profit jobs 2004-08-20 14:15:07 by SFKittenFoster

Getting another cat might help or hurt

My scaredy cat would dearly love to be an only cat (I have 3 other cats plus foster kittens and she doesn't like any of them). If I shut her in my bedroom with me at night and shut all the others out, she interacts much more closely with me and will usually sleep right up against me. If there are other cats there, she backs off and sleeps at the end of the bed. She won't compete for attention at all like the others will so gets the short end of the stick sometimes. Also, if there is another cat around for your cat to get social contact from and she bonds with it, she might need to come to you less for social contact, so it can hurt in this way too

2003-07-10 23:06:17 by lunasmom

Rambunctious housebound puppy!

We have a twelve week old chow-german shepherd-lab mix (we've had her since memorial day). She is a wonderful little gal, loves her people (maybe a bit too much? she is very very attached) and she's really smart. A little too smart. She knows how to push buttons to get negative attention. She's starting to understand the concept of "no" but we understand that her baby brain is only developed enough to sort of start grasping the concept. The real problem, I think, is that the poor baby is getting really really bored sitting around the house all day with her 8mo. pregnant human mom. She's due for her last set of vaccinations on the 22nd but until then, she's under house arrest

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