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Nearly 16, 500 babysitters are listed on aladom. In general, babysitters are students looking to earn a little money and young mothers. Some boys also offer babysitting services. Here is some information on the rates charged for babysitting.

Article updated on 15/04/2013

Being rule for the use of a babysitter

Many people choose to call the babysitter without declaring, or moonlighting this risk through tax benefits and services to the person, moonlighting is irrelevant.

  • Adolescents 14 to 16 years can normally work half of their school holidays and only for light work.
  • Young people under the age of 16 must have the consent of their legal representative.
  • Young people aged 16 to 18 can sign a contract of employment having had the permission of the legal representative.

Using the CESU, if the work does not exceed 8 hours per week or four weeks, it is not necessary to contract work.

When babysitting point, it does not require a contract.

Collective agreement for the particular employer

The collective agreement states that the particular employer for job positions familial (PEFC) employees can make effective working hours and hours of attendance responsible.

The hours of attendance are responsible for the hours the employee may use his time for himself while remaining vigilant to intervene if necessary. For a babysitter or nanny, it will be times when children sleep.

One hour of responsible presence is equivalent to 2/3 of an hour of actual work.

Babysitter rates

It is important to hear from the outset with the babysitter on the price of the evening. The gross hourly wage must be at least equal to € 10.37, which reflects the 10% increase in paid holidays and a net salary of € 7.98.

For hours in the presence charge, the minimum wage therefore falls to € 5.98 net per hour. The site URSSAF to report hours paid CESU does not distinguish between actual hours of work and hours of attendance leaders. We must therefore recognize the equivalent peak hours.

Example: for a babysitting 4:00 composed an hour of actual work (time to brush children's teeth, read a story and the bedroom) and 3 hours of actual attendance (during which the baby sitter look at a movie, will sail on the internet or homework), it will record the final 1 + 2/3 x 3 = 3 hours.

For three hours, the minimum wage will be 23.94 €. Parents can then make a statement to the URSSAF (on the website or by sending slip CESU) and will have to settle for one hour to € 7.98 Net: 4, 23 € employer contributions and 2.39 € employee contributions.

After the standard deduction of € 0.75, the total contributions amounted to € 5.87

That costs you an hour babysitting the final

For effective time, the minimum paid by parents will be € 7.98 + € 5.87 = € 13.85. This amount will qualify for 50% tax benefits (tax reductions or credits under certain conditions), or € 6.93 per hour.

The actual time to return to the final € 6.93. The time of presence it will charge 4.62 €.

Some babysitters ask the price varies depending on number of children. Most important above all is to agree at the outset to avoid problems. It is possible to agree on a plan for the evening or on a hourly rate.

Rates may also vary depending on the age of the sitter and the place where you live. For the babysitting Paris , the rates charged are often between 9 and 10 € net per hour and in some cases, we also provide taxi costs for the return of the babysitter.

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2008-10-10 22:04:20 by whybotherbeingpoli

My two cents

I don't know what babysitting rates are these days, but when I used to babysit I was paid something like $5-$8 per hour, per kid. (I never did overnights)
I would *think* that the parents would either pay for the children's meals, compensate you for it, or bring meals that can be easily prepared - warmed up.
It's definitely something that should be worked out beforehand, especially if the kids have any unusual dietary concerns.

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