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Au Pair South Africa

Au Pair in South Africa

Au Pair in South Africa

Au Pair in South Africa Experience an unforgettable Au Pair year in South Africa

Africa alone is a strange and exotic continent that has a unique appeal,but it is mainly South Africa,which enjoys strong interest in German au pairs.

In all countries of the region you have the rare opportunity to learn about a continent on the one hand has a fairly strong cultural connection to the core European countries,but in much of the culture has a completely independent face.

  • Age between 20 - 24 years
  • Driving license
  • Least 200 hours of childcare experience or training as a childminder
  • Ready to be children between 3 months and 13 years to serve
  • Be willing to commit for a year
  • Good knowledge of English
  • Non-Smoker
  • Be energetic and enthusiastic

There are very few families in South Africa who want to have an Au Pair that dwell in them.If you want to apply as an Au Pair in South Africa,you should be flexible with respect to the city or area where you are taught.

Fluency in English written and spoken are expected at a au pair stay in South Africa.The second non-African language in South Africa is well known Afrikaans,derived from the Dutch of the Boers.

The regular working hours of Au Pair in South Africa is around 25-45 hours per week,and 2-3 times at night babysitting.
This is by individual arrangement with the family.
1.5 days off per week and one weekend off per month is the norm.

With weekly working time exceeding 30 hours,2 days off per week are usually granted.

Rarely help with cleaning tasks,since almost all families have hired a cleaning lady.Its main task is the child care,but also smaller household activities to be done by you (setting the table,vacuuming,dishwasher dispel,etc),evening babysitting.

An au pair stay extends generally at least one year.Au Pair placement Nadine

  • Provision of a separate room
  • free board and lodging free

The cost of training,language courses,etc. so have to wear au pairs during their stay in South Africa even in the normal case.Mostly,the family takes a portion of the costs,but that is individually deny.

Monthly pocket money of SR 1000 - SR 2000 (= 150-300 EUR).

Are you two days off per week and one week paid within 6 months notice to leave

For various reasons can always be sensible times a termination of employment.If there is not exactly a serious reason,both sides should give at least one,preferably two weeks,even just for the sake of the children observed.In fact,the partners often do not hold it.Exist only in a safe au pair agency a good chance of connecting mediation without delay.Au Pair Agency Berlin always works with partners abroad,so that before long a Umvermittlung will come about.

The cost of health insurance must be paid by spending money.However,it is advised to take out insurance before leaving home.We will advise you.

Switching costs

Agency fee
€ including 19% VAT:


There are no additional agency costs.The commission is only payable if you'll agree with you to a family,the family accepts you as an Au Pair,and you have received an invitation from the family.

  • Passport
  • at least 3 references (a total of at least about 200 hours) with experience in child care as in kindergarten or nursery
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Driving license for cars
  • High school diploma or an intermediate certificate in translation
  • single and childless
  • Non smoking
  • Interest in the culture of the country

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2008-10-10 22:04:20 by whybotherbeingpoli

My two cents

I don't know what babysitting rates are these days, but when I used to babysit I was paid something like $5-$8 per hour, per kid. (I never did overnights)
I would *think* that the parents would either pay for the children's meals, compensate you for it, or bring meals that can be easily prepared - warmed up.
It's definitely something that should be worked out beforehand, especially if the kids have any unusual dietary concerns.

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