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Hello friends, relatives and co! We hope with you so far everything is good at home? Now have been good 5 days ersthaft looking for a job, but it's really exaggerated difficult to find something here. I've now written about 16 applications, from cafés to beach 5 star hotel (even at the casino from Brisbane I am running) but so far everything with so-so prospects .. Marie has also asked for some cafés and are probably trying to babysit. Well anyway, it is at the moment anyway brutally difficult at all to find down here anything. We have now extended our hostel again for a week now and wait until next Wednesday for answers. If nothing happens by then we definitely need more otherwise it will be too expensive ... no idea where we will go.

Yesterday we had indeed our interview at Oktoberfest Brisbane. Actually, everything went super well, the only thing that worries me is the number of applicants. We were easily 200 people there yesterday (... and that was not the only Bewerbungstag!) For about 55-60 jobs overall. But as I said, I'm quite confident that what is! The organizers are in fact almost all German since then ;-) If all goes as we hope it works as Marie Pretzl Girl with dirndl (

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2008-12-22 17:16:49 by parentforum-

Babysitting pay rate - Yes I know it's not the

But they're crazy in there.
If I post a job offering an amount say $10 an hour... and someone e-mails and applies... Then I go read their job profile and it says they're looking for $15 per hour...
Do you think they're hoping I'll raise how much I'm offering to pay OR do you think that they looked at my job and needs are willing to take the job for the amount I posted?

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