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I have a tricky question for you: I intend to take my au pair at the amusement park next weekend. Is it time to work or free time?
(Swarda Johnson, foster mother in the UK)

Dear Swarda is an excellent question, indeed. It is sometimes difficult to define work time and free time. It is useful in this case to define in advance why you want the au pair with you. Is it a relaxing day of sightseeing, or the au pair will he required to take care of your children as usual? Discuss this with your au pair! You will be able to reach an agreement that suits you both.

Hello, I wonder if the hours of babysitting my au pair, in addition to 30 hours per week must be paid as overtime? A big thank you. (Jean-Paul Home in France father)

Dear John Paul, the working hours of an au pair in France are clearly defined in the status of "trainee foreign caregiver : your au pair is not allowed to work more than 30 hours per week and five hours daily hours of babysitting included.
Useful links: URSSAF: Trainee foreign caregiver

We are currently looking for an au pair. We should already itemize 30 hours weekly in the au pair contract or can still make changes later?
(Gundhild, host mother in Germany)

Already set upstream the main tasks and working hours of your au pair in conjunction with it. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that you can not plan everything in advance. Your au pair will have to also learn to be flexible. The golden rule is to plan what can be while making sure not to exceed the number of hours of work in your country and to allow sufficient time in your hand to follow a language course . The ideal is to establish a weekly or monthly schedule for your au pair that you can review all at the beginning of each week.
Links: What questions should I ask my host family? What questions should I ask my au pair?

Hello, what about the holidays? I always have to work during the holidays and this year my husband. Our au pair is there in this case take care of our children these days?
(Maria and Giacomo, foster parents in Italy)

It is necessary to refer first to the regulations on the au pair in your country . In Italy, the holidays are not subject to any specific regulation. However, be sure to always consider the number of hours of work maximum . If your au pair works on a holiday, you are required to compensate the overtime giving him another day off so that it does not exceed its working hours. Discuss this with your au pair to reach an agreement on the matter. The relationship you have with your au pair still rests ultimately on a mutual exchange.

Babysitting is it regarded as working time? And if that is the case, even when I look at the facilities include and the children are asleep and sleep?
(Nena, au pair originated in the Netherlands)

Of course! Babysitting is a job in itself, even if you watch television while the children sleep. You have to stay awake and be available in case the kids wake up or if they need your help. During your free time, conversely, you are free to organize your time as you wish. This is not the case here. On the other hand, the various regulations relating to au pair define the number of nights babysitting per week allowed. In most countries, the au pair performs one to two nights babysitting per week.

2005-11-10 19:59:48 by bulimia

Eating disorder - help

Please - I am looking for help with an eating disorder - I am suffering from bulimia, and have no health insurance. I am 26 years old, female, and make a very small salary at my babysitting job. I need counseling, this is taking over my life and I am sinking. I need 1-on-1 counseling the most. Please does anyone have any recommendations?

2013-02-12 12:03:14 by --

I really want to quit my job!

DH works out of town - I have two kids, 5 & 7. DH makes enough to support us just fine, but he's very frugal and is always saving - I say, he's TOO frugal, personally.
Anyway, I have a part-time, very flexible job doing something that I like, but...the demanding time of year is coming up. I make a pittance compared to what DH makes, but after babysitting, transportation, a cleaning lady, my wardrobe, I do clear a little bit of money that DH wants to save.
I just feel like I'm not doing a good job of ANYTHING anymore - I am stressed out, strung out, wishing I were a better mother, wishing I were a better cook, wishing I could get into better shape, wishing I could help at the kids' school more and I see this 25 hour a week commitment as not worth it

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