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Dear Parents, My name is Becc. I am 23 years old and from Melbourne.
I'm learning German, and between 2011 and last week I lived in Berlin.

For five years I have worked with children and it's still fun! I love to play games, bake cake, sing songs, etc.

I know that you probably studied German mother-tongue babysitter. I understand that one must look for another forum. Still, I wanted to write an ad and inform you about me.

I worked for a year as an au pair girl in Berlin. I spoke English with the children, but it was very helpful that I could understand everything. The parents were with me very quickly and easily kommunikazieren, and sometimes it was also good for the children that I understood both languages.

I wish you all good luck and all the best!

I will be very happy to answer - whether it's a job, or simply a chance to speak German


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2003-08-10 16:32:22 by dmmt

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Hi again. I am 19/f/Vallejo looking for work in vallejo/berkeley area. I have experience painting, housekeeping, babysitting, dog walking, customer service, telemarketing, data entry (I've used Word, Excel, Photoshop; I also know HTML and can type approximately 65-70 wpm) landscaping/gardening/field work, I can work with most powertools and enjoy working with my hands. I can work anywhere near public transportation lines. I'm friendly and dedicated. If you have anything you need done around your house or business you can contact me at
Thank you.

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