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The Challenges Of Child Care: Emotional Decisions And A Constant

On submission of the program, the XV Constitutional Government expressly assumed the need, as well as recognized the importance of devising a policy on the family, while natural foundation and cornerstone of the development of people.

Since the beginning of the legislature that the Government has been implementing the commitment made to the Portuguese, pursuing a policy aimed at the family regards their identity, values ​​the role it plays, highlights the responsibilities that are proper and cooperate in the implementation of same without jeopardizing their autonomy.

Within this integrative perspective of the family institution and its multiple dimensions, the Government intends to highlight this ordinance the primary role and often decisive that the family takes in the workforce and in a social context particularly sensitive. Accordingly this order comes to embody the principles of Community and national employment policy, the provisions of Decree-Law no. 132/99 of April 21, predicting and regulating the granting of projects or initiatives that provide the creation Net jobs and activities designed to develop within the family support.

Thus, the government reinforces the incentives and stimulates job creation while promoting family values ​​and above all promotes a new culture of risk-sharing and social co-responsibility that transcends the state and covers the people, families and community in analyzing and solving social problems.

With this initiative, the objective of the Government to bring to focus the importance in the social, economic and even work in a harmonious reconciliation of personal responsibility, family and work, thus contributing to the formation of a new social consciousness of individuals and businesses.

The Government, through the Minister of Social Security and Labour, the following:

General provisions

1. º
This law regulates the granting of support to projects that result in the creation of new entities that create the net creation of jobs and contribute to the revitalization of local economies in the context of family support services by conducting small investment dimension.

2. º
Personal scope
1 - Without prejudice to other legal requirements, including for the purposes of access to structural funds, project developers to support candidates of the present law must meet all the following requirements from the date of submission of their application for funding:
a) To have fulfilled before the tax administration and social security;
b) There is any default on public funding, national or from structural funds, regardless of their nature and objectives;
c) There exists conviction for violation of legislation on child labor and disabled, as well as discrimination in work and employment, particularly in relation to sex;
d) Do not verify compliance in respect of environmental and health and safety at work.
2 - Promoters who, at the time of submission of their application for funding, do not meet the requirements set out in the preceding paragraph, shall declare, on oath, that they undertake the relevant compliance until the date of signing of the contract incentives referred to in n. # 22. º
3 - The decision to approve the application for assistance under this Ordinance shall automatically expire if, at the date of signing of the concession contract of support, not to check the compliance with the requirements of paragraphs 1 and 2 of this paragraph.
4 - Entities may not have been established for more than 60 days before the date of submission.
5 - Prosecutors are obliged to proceed to the formation and registration of the entity to be created under legally required, within six months from the date of approval of the funding request.
6 - Prosecutors must show that started the licensing process for the entity to be created with the competent authority, and the time of the licensing deferred to the date of the last payment of investment support.

Fred The Teen Sitter
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2005-01-29 04:04:45 by slowloris

"jobs" needs "students preferred" section

I wonder how much smaller the jobs listing section would be if all those "students preferred/only" ads were kept separate.
I'm sick to death of these aging moms/dads who start a business and think a fair pay rate is what THEY used to make for a babysitting job back in 1982 (the one where they didn't need comprehensive knowledge of Quickbooks and ACT).
I wish craiglist would make a section specifically for these cheap child-labor gigs. They are not real jobs.

2004-07-11 21:41:06 by lovemymunchkin

Not everyone is in that situation

Regardless of the ways i "make it" welfare, jobs, federal financial aid, babysitting, etc. my daughter has not only had enough but had well over enough. she not only has my love, food on the table, clothes, and tons of toys, she also goes to dance classes and she goes to all the places that other kids her age go. mostly it comes from me scrimping and budgeting all my different sources of income but in some cases her grandmothers like to help because they get a strong satisfaction from spoiling her. so although you felt you were gyped by parents who based their decisions on love etc. not all children are left to a similar fate, all of my family and my daughters family come from families with very high incomes

2006-09-05 22:15:21 by bigredKalola


Okay, here goes.
My name is Kalola, I served 22 months in AmeriCorps which is a non profit program offered through United Way, but it's considered serving our countries social needs.
I worked with youth to find jobs, how to dress, when to go into get the applications, who to talk to, when to call back, all that. I am in college full time to become a Vocational Consultant.
My advice to you, being that I don't know your location, go to DVR: Department of Vocational Rehab, and see what they can do for you. Most likely you will need to volunter with a company that your wanting to work at, this looks great on your resume

2000-08-17 00:00:00 by interloper

Re: Observer

Oh my. Where to start. First. Its dad, not 'mom.' It *is* possible for men to be teachers, and to be interested in education. Second. I didn't quit teaching high school so I could take a cushy, high paying job. I have a doctorate in molecular genetics, and could easily have taken a high paying job without first seeing if I could make a difference as a teacher. I quit because I was a mediocre high school teacher(to my utter surprise; I was a very good Comm. College and university teacher). The job demands a set of interpersonal, social, and emotional skills that are required very few other places (beyond even those required for effective parenthood), and I didnt have them

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