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Nurseries Online limited to compatible professional childcare such as nurseries and daycare centers. We recommend for babysitter childcare Liliput - babysitter , babysitting the largest directory of Switzerland.

Information and tips for Babysitter / Babysitting

Training as babysitter / babysitting course

The cantonal associations train young babysitter. An ideal course for young people looking for a first job. Note: Also, parents' associations and local switching centers offer babysitting occasionally on babysitting courses.

Level / conditions:
Minimum age: 13 years

Target audience:
Young people who want to leave for babysitter training.

Objectives / Content:
Participants will learn the basics for work as a babysitter. The babysitter of the SRC are very much in demand.

In this course the following topics are covered:
• The main development stages of a baby
• Winding
• Suitable games for different age groups
• The preparation and delivery of meals for babies and toddlers
• The risks that exist for children, prevention of accidents and the right to react in case of problems

Instructors and trainers SRK

Date / Time:
More than ten hours

According to tender

Website for more information about the babysitting courses:

Babysitter / Babysitting compensation and hourly wage

Babysitting wages on the day:
CHF 7 - per hour (for babysitters 12-16 years)
CHF 8 - to 10 - per hour. (Babysitter for 16-18 years)
(Plus any accrued-driving-expense reimbursement)

Babysitting wages in the evening:
CHF 25 - CHF 30 to - lump sum (for babysitters 12-16 years)
CHF 30 - CHF 50 - lump sum (for babysitters 16-18 years)

Please note that the above information for babysitting wages or compensation are only recommendations and not binding!

Checklist and general recommendations around babysitting

Take care of a babysitter in time and charge the person before first use a to imagine in your family. Urging young people not to accept your offer babysitting. Select the first babysitting appointment as an activity where you are present either in the house or phone within easy reach and, if necessary, are also quickly back home. You as parents are responsible for ensuring that a safe babysitter comes home in the evening or at night.

Fred The Teen Sitter
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2007-08-22 08:11:17 by Thenannyyouneed!


Hello my name is Angie,im 20 years old and a mother of two. I'm a young respectful girl thats willing to work with your schedule and time.I have experience taking care of children for about 5 years and love doing it!I'm very loving,nurturing,and patient.I have a good driving record and have no criminal background and also provide own transportation. I'am also legal to work in the U.S.I've had several babysitting/nanny jobs for children ranging from newborns to 9 years old.Because im a mother myself I know what u expect in someone that is caring for your children and I'm the person you need to provide that

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