Babysitting Jobs for Teenagers

You need to keep your children?

No problem with the Point Relay Babysitting everything becomes possible, a phone call at 03 21 46 20 78 and you're done!

The Youth Information Point (JIA) of the City of Calais had the idea to bring together young people who wanted to babysit with parents who sought this kind of service.
Before presenting these young parents, officials wanted PIJ provide minimal training.
Thus other municipal services have joined the project.
Note that many of these candidates have babysitting CAP infancy or serious knowledge of first aid.

If you are a parent, or if you have a teenager interested, you can contact the PIJ's Youth Service
68 bis, rue de la Pomme d'Or in Calais
to 03 21 46 20 78


  • The young people are enrolled in the babysitter PIJ file The file includes 106 youth aged 16 to 26 years. In this file therein: their availability, experience, training, means of locomotion.
  • The PIJ has proposed youth to participate in specific training in which they have become aware of their responsibilities and are prepared to deal with different situations. This course combines theory and practice on hygiene, nutrition, sleep, emergency actions and the game was completely free and co-hosted by professionals from different structures of the City of Calais such the LIBRARY, the CRIB FAMILY, THE HOUSE OF THE FAMILY and FIRE.
  • Parents looking for a babysitter come to consult the file and can then make contact with young people. To access this file, parents must first complete a registration form.
    Parents then choose themselves or babysitter so that they become the employer.

UBI Soft Imagine Babysitters
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  • Develop a loving relationship with the babies; feed them, nurse them, rock them to sleep.
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  • Organize play dates with other babies in multiplayer mode.
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2007-11-09 16:23:20 by flowerflower

I have a crush on the man whose child I babysit.

I watch his daughter Andrea, 10. Her mom's in Vegas & has no rights to custody. The dad, Todd, is going thru a divorce now w/ his 2nd wife, not Andrea's mom. That marriage hasn't lasted long. One reason for it ending is that Todd didn't like the way Andrea & her stepmom interacted, she wasn't ready to be a mother. His marriage with Andrea's mom ended badly because she cheated on him continuously & had 2 more kids by other dads. This description makes Todd sound trashy, but he's not. He's an excellent dad to Andrea, and he keeps the negativity out of her life related to his exes. It's sad Andrea has no mom figure, and 10 is a tender age to be without a female influence

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