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How can I help Family First?
The First Family is a service company dedicated to the recruitment and selection for your family. As such, just contact us and answer our questions, which we will begin the process of Recruitment and Selection (R & S).

Can I hire a professional continuously? And if you want an occasional babysitter?
There are two types of Recruitment and Selection (R & S): R & S R & S Permanent and Occasional requests for. It is understood by S & R permanently, whenever there is a continuing contractual relationship between the Client and Candidate. For R & S occasional requests means to use the service in a timely manner, with no contractual continuity between the candidate and the client.

Whose responsibility is it professional?
The First Family is responsible for identifying and nominating candidates. It is intermediate between the candidate search process and final selection of the customer. After the choice of the candidate, the contractual relationship is between the candidate and the client.

How do the fees of Family First?
The fees of the Family First is concerning the process of R & S. This is different depending on the job category required and desired time.

What are the payment terms?
The payment of the total fee (100%) will be received on the day the candidate starting duties for the Client (success fee). In the case of occasional requests, payment is made in full on award of providing services to the First Family.

How do I pay?
You can pay via bank transfer, deposit or check.

What is the timing and how the process works?
See diagram in page> Company> Process R & S.

And if for some reason you want to replace the professional?
If the employment contract between the candidate and the client were to cease during the first 12 weeks, the First Family will endeavor to find a replacement at no additional cost to the customer. This period is applicable to the initial process of R & S.

It is mandatory to make a written agreement in permanent recruitment?
But it is not always advisable. In the domestic segment, a verbal agreement is sufficient as it has legal value. Works for hiring maids external or internal.

And in the case of occasional requests, how it works?
Be agreed between the client and the service provider issuing the form and payment.

After hiring the candidate, which the duties and rights of the client?
The duties of the client before the new employee is paying the salary, the payment of social security contributions, payment of insurance accidents, among others. The duties of the employee to his or her new employer will be the fulfillment of the contract established.

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2005-07-10 17:48:44 by savagefamily

In California there are a few exempt jobs

Like babysitting, delivering newspapers, household duties like mowing lawn cleaning etc.
Any "job" where they have a payroll, business license, owner, employees, any child under 18 (unless they are a high school graduate) have to have a work permit & be satisfactorily enrolled in school. They determine how many hrs. and days you can work based on your grades. And the employer must pay at least minimum wage like any adult employee would get.
But babysitting, or paying your own kids is totally exempt from all that. However, I do believe if the child makes more than $500 outside

2007-11-12 11:14:21 by ---

Caregiver is too difficult

Caregiving is hard work, and you have to be super resonsible.
The practial thing to do would be find the position with minimal duties.
Don't get in a position where somebody is super dependent on you unless they're paying very well.
The game is always for the home owner to lay more rather than less responsibilities on the assistant.
Dog walking, Occasional overtnight babysitting for older kids, sweep driveway and sidewalk. Anything light and easy.
NEVER accept a job where you have to lift an adult. There are sleep over or free housing gigs that do not include invalids.

2004-10-20 03:14:25 by bianca99

You can make it

I agree with this post -- please don't freak out.
I know someone who was in your situation a couple of years ago & she has made it work -- with less income and spotty payments from the father. And this was in SF.
You make 55K per year -- that's a decent salary. Aren't there couples w/children who make less than that??? I think what you have to look into is find a way to cut down on your childcare expenses. Is your job flexible? Maybe you can find someone who works an opposite schedule and swap babysitting duties?
Good luck.

2005-10-03 14:25:25 by -

That is one thing that peeves the heck outta me!

I was getting ready to go out one evening with MIL and DH was watching the kids. I over heard him on the phone telling his friend he has to "baby sit" the kids. I was thinking "uh, you're their parent too... How is this babysitting?"
He used to act like it was the mothers job to do everything and when he did something, I should have been greatful.
THANK GOD that didnt last long.
OP- If you let your husband skate by on caring for the kids type duties, he will.
Break the habit now

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