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    2008-12-20 02:07:49 by Tejanobear

    Looking for other AD&D 3.5 gamers and other RPG

    Looking for other experienced gamers that are not into the normal hack and slash games. Adults need apply only. Open schedule to play friday or saturday as DM or player. No kids and please leave them at home not a babysitting service in my home. Men or woman above the age for drinking as well as open to becoming friends and hang out possible cookouts during gaming sessions or cooking in.
    If interested please message me at or call and leave a message

    2012-01-22 14:11:15 by -

    I was babysitting for cash, too

    And my 12 year old babysits for cash.
    But he's not allowed to talk on the phone, play video games, watch TV or anything of that nature while babysitting. Where you doing those things when you babysat.
    And why the hell is your 18 month old allowed to roam.
    I really think 12 year olds are capable of helping out and doing well with some boundaries. However, you expected him to jump into the role of parent when you failed at it yourself, and that is not really fair, IMO.

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