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Mattel, made in Malyasia Barbie Babysitter COURTNEY Doll, Best Friend of Skipper (1990)
Toy (Mattel, made in Malyasia)
  • Babysitter Courtney, Everybody s Favorite Babysitter! is a 1990 Mattel production, made in Malaysia.
  • Courtney is the Best Friend of Skipper Doll, approx. 9.5 tall.
  • Includes: Courtney Doll, Baby approx. 2.5 tall, Oufit & accessories.
  • See details below in Product Description for more info.
  • Great for any collection or just for fun play!
2007-10-16 11:14:00 by ohiogal23

Awkward situation

I am babysitting for my boss this Sat. night and casually asked today if my boyfriend could come along. I'm 24 and live with my bf, so it's not like we're horny teenagers that can't keep our hands off of each other or something. My bf works with little kids all day at a private school, so sometimes I bring him along when I babysit because he knows a lot of fun games and songs for the kids.
I am now sitting here at my desk listening to my boss have a long conversation about whether it's appropriate or not if I bring him along because we might "make out all night and ignore the kids

2005-08-08 20:17:04 by ---

How about if you ask around

For reliable babysitters - check with couples you know that have kids and use them and also check with families you know that have teenagers to see if they babysit. Find someone reliable and then plan an adult party and invite these friends, along with other friends that have kids and you provide the babysitter (or everyone could chip in). This person could entertain the kids, play games, do art, etc. in a different part of the house. Then the parents could get to know the babysitter while still being around for their child.
I only suggest this because I was hired to do this for a family down the street that had a lot of parties when I was a teenager

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Social calendar  — The Spokesman Review
.. Star Boys' Ranch. Complimentary babysitting available, call to reserve space. Visit www. .. Raffle items and no-host bar. Register online at, Oct. 3, 6 p.m., Lincoln Center, 1316 N.

How to find a good babysitter  —
SeekingSitters is a nationwide babysitting referral service that does all of the work for parents. SeekingSitters finds and screens professional sitters, schedules sitting jobs requested by members and handles all payment through an online payment system.

Mattel Barbie KELLY Club BABYSITTER NIKKI DOLL w Cradle (2002)
Toy (Mattel)
  • Kelly Club Nikki Doll is a 2002 Mattel production.
  • INCLUDES: Nikki Doll approx. 4.5 tall w/blond hair. Nikki Doll wears a pink floral Dress w/orange ribbon & bow trim & tulle ruffle at hem, a Pair of yellow...
  • Help Nikki Doll Babysit! For Ages 3+ Years. CAUTION: Small Parts Included.
  • All the provided details are to the best of my ability & may not be exact; colors, styles, sizes & details may vary.
  • For Box Condition see CONDITION NOTE or Email Seller for Details.

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