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Hi I want to work and study in Calgary, I have 6 years experience in caring for adult people, if they know someone who can give me work please contact me, I'm Mexican.

Sent by Betty meza acerca Nannies in Calgary

Hello everyone! I llamas Ana and I have 35 year olds, looking for a job as a babysitter in calgary and study English, currently live in Valencia (Spain).

Sent by Ana acerca Nannies in Calgary

Anyone know how much is the salary in calgary ab of NII ¿½ was full time? I appreciate your response, thanks

Sent by Elisa acerca Nannies in Calgary

Hi, I'm Stimulating Early work in Argentina, I travel often to Calgary as my partner lives there. I would like to work when I go because I stay long enough and megustan many children. Tengomcha experience with disabled children. Also I realize parents orientation. Many Thanks

Sent by flavia acerca Nannies in Calgary

Nice theme I would like to go to work as babaysitters beyond to Canada'm Salvadorian of 34 years someone can help me please atte Claudia Saravia.

Sent by Claudia Saravia acerca Nannies in Calgary

hello my name is ulfary I wonder if you can access the red cross in calgary for nanny during and through that inscipcion perform the relevant paperwork for work and study visa to canada consulate here in Costa Rica thank you very much

Sent by Ulfary Tama acerca Narvaez Nannies in Calgary

hi we have five months in Calgary and a baby just 2 months since age can be the NII ¿½ or served by a Nii ¿½ was? What is the cost of a day care or home care monthly average? Thanks

Sent by William acerca Nannies in Calgary

Hello truth work seems very nice, I want to go to work in canada if anyone knows of a job preference was Nii ¿½ or caring for someone older, they are greatly appreciate

Sent by Gaby acerca Nannies in Calgary

I think caring is untrabajo ninios cute and fun, and also sensitive, caring ninios I have worked here in MyCountry

Sent by Norki matildelopez acerca izaguirre Nannies in Calgary

good afternoon, I live in the U.S. Colombia currently has a working VIsa, I'm looking for job options in Canada because the company I work for is closing its offices here. IF you can guide me in that process continue to move to Canada before the expiry of my visa. Thank you.

Sent by claudia guarin acerca Nannies in Calgary

hello, I'm a teacher and kindergarten teacher for 15 Anios, I have 44 years old and have I would like to work as a nanny there, I am Venezuelan, thanks

Sent by zuli rangel acerca Nannies in Calgary

and how do I do this or investigate further?

Sent by brenda lga acerca maata Nannies in Calgary

As a comment I mean: If you are hired as a nanny in Canada, your employer can not act against you, nor harm you by your immigration status in retaliation for a lawsuit you have put against him, for any grievance in the workplace such as a formal complaint about not receiving your wages, any complaints about criminal misconduct, such as physical abuse or demand for the benefits of worker remuneraciin. Thanks and good luck

Sent by Paty Garibay acerca Nannies in Calgary

I was a nanny for a long time here in Calgary, and I had fun. I think it is good to take jugetitos to amuse babies with something different from what they are accustomed. The work of a nanny is to du employer's house full of games and ideas to do. Porfa not sit and watch TV! Nobody will return to speak!

2007-10-16 11:14:00 by ohiogal23

Awkward situation

I am babysitting for my boss this Sat. night and casually asked today if my boyfriend could come along. I'm 24 and live with my bf, so it's not like we're horny teenagers that can't keep our hands off of each other or something. My bf works with little kids all day at a private school, so sometimes I bring him along when I babysit because he knows a lot of fun games and songs for the kids.
I am now sitting here at my desk listening to my boss have a long conversation about whether it's appropriate or not if I bring him along because we might "make out all night and ignore the kids

2005-08-08 20:17:04 by ---

How about if you ask around

For reliable babysitters - check with couples you know that have kids and use them and also check with families you know that have teenagers to see if they babysit. Find someone reliable and then plan an adult party and invite these friends, along with other friends that have kids and you provide the babysitter (or everyone could chip in). This person could entertain the kids, play games, do art, etc. in a different part of the house. Then the parents could get to know the babysitter while still being around for their child.
I only suggest this because I was hired to do this for a family down the street that had a lot of parties when I was a teenager

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