Babysitting games for Boys and Girls

Cuidar Bebes Monstruos Children
In this game you have to take care of children and to babysit and feed,bathe and care for all children in the house.
Baby sitter game a little different.You have to take care of a baby that is on a parachute and you have to feed the baby bottles you find and avoid the p ...
Monster Baby Care
Babysitting game where you have to take care of a baby monsters.These children monsters can be: dinosaurs,ghosts,vampires,dragons ...The truth is that everyone is ba ...
Babysitting Child
More games babysitters,in this case you have to take care of children and girls before they get to pick.Babies want to play and pass it very well.Prove you are the me ...

Niñera de Niños

Disney Press Disney's Doug Chronicles: A Day with a Dirtbike - Book #4
Book (Disney Press)
2008-07-05 06:09:48 by ---------------

Having been in my 20's in the 70's, I

Think I can speak for that generation. Being a child in the 50's and a teen in the 60's, we grew up with few 'things'. We didn't have TV's in our rooms. Heck, the living room TV had three channels and we had to get up and cross the room to change them!!
There were no computers or video games. Designer clothing wasn't here yet. Very few teens had their own cars and those that did were mostly boys. Very few girls had part time jobs, other than babysitting, so we had very little disposable income.
Then we became adults in the 70's, with jobs!! I believe, because of the way we grew up, with very few things to occupy us, and having to depend on our parents for every penny, we went nuts

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    I am babysitting a 4 year old girl until 2:00 pm today (it is 9:30 am here now), and we are looking for something to do in the Providence, Rhode Island area. I am not looking to spend too much money, maybe $5. Can anyone think of any parks or museums that are cheap or anywhere close to free? Thanks! We appreciate it!

    • Hi. I don t live in Rhode Island, but I have 2 boys. One is almost 4 yrs old, the other is 2 months old. Whenever we get bored, I take him to the playground. You can even pack a lunch for the two of you with a blanket and have picnic in the park. Take some extra bread to feed the ducks at a nearby pond or lake. I know my nieces like to go thru my sister s closet and play dress up. You can also just stay home and color, do a puzzle, do arts and crafts with construction paper or anything lying around the house. You can buy a little pack or set of Play Doh with little shape molds for like $5 at Wal …