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3 year old stuttering sudden onset

Rosewood Mayakoba and the Maya Riviera region offers a wide variety of activities and services for the family. The resort will be devoted to your family holiday an unforgettable experience. For families who like to share holiday great fun and quality time, Rosewood Mayakoba has created a family-friendly environment.


Families can book 2 connecting suites. As usual, children under 12 can stay free of charge on the same suite of their parents.


Hours: 9 am-5 pm in summer season. From Monday to Sunday
Children 4-12 years old are invited to participate in fun activities organized according to their age. Parents are encouraged to join in the fun with their children.


  • Tv room and video games: In this room shows films for children, documentaries and videos and the option to play Wii and PlayStation3.
  • Rest room: Ideal for relaxing, reading and napping. Silent area specially created for children under 3 years which will be under the supervision of nannies.
  • Arts, crafts and games: Children enjoy their favorite table games or you can get creative with arts and crafts projects.
  • Activities: sandcastle contest, making piñatas, excursion at Mayakoba, painting on easel, talent show, making bracelets, jewelry making maya, sand art, nature hike, rock painting, Eco Tour, Ecological Binco

Rose Buds can accommodate up to 30 children. The activities are published in a weekly calendar, designed according to the season, occupation and age. The kid's club is a courtesy service. Note: Children must be potty trained to participate in the kid's club. Mexican law prohibits diapers diapers and training for child care facilities. The above activities are subject to change and are at no extra cost. For reasons of allergies, do not offer food service during your participation in our Club.


When personal service is desired, the resort can arrange for you or hire nannies service. Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance. The fee is $ 20 per hour with a minimum of two hours. Nannies can look after up to two children at a time. For cancellations requested at least 2 hours. From 6 pm babysitting will be in the suites. Babysitting service available during the day. After 10 pm, please consider an additional charge of $ 15 USD for the transportation of the babysitter home.

Additional Activities by Season

The resort also organizes a variety of seasonal events and activities for the whole family, including family nights with Theme Parties and Nights in Mayakoba Playa. Prices vary according to type of event and additional requests. They can also be organized special celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries. The spa menu offers services for children include 30 minutes treatments: massage, facial, manicure, pedicure. The services are provided at the Spa and children must be accompanied by an adult. Age 11-16 years. For details about fees for services Spa, please contact the Spa via email: @


  • Carry cot
  • Products for baby care Primrose
  • Wireless monitors for babies, in the suite
  • Crib and bedding for the baby
  • Security services in the suite for the baby
  • Bathrobe and slippers for children
  • Protector for diapers, baby bath and / or slip, bed railings
  • Heater bottles
  • Children Spa Services (Spa services are not included, and require a minimum age)

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2005-05-31 14:49:08 by Cannahsmom

I agree

I totally agree with you- TRUST ME. In fact, being unlicensed is not okay for me. I recommend that you do find a SAHM who is licensed because it is better for you to KNOW then to not. I am just getting started and I wanted something temporary (which I found) before I went through the process of getting licensed.
I have eight years experience babysitting, live-in nanny experience (two summers), I am CPR/First aid certified, I am have a degree in pyschology with a minor in early childhood development with the plan to be a child psychologist. I will be going back for my masters once babies are in school

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