Babysitting cream games

Super Nanny

Super Nanny In this game,you have to play the role of a babysitter and take care of these babies with all affection,as if they were his.But pay attention ...

Daycare Nightmare Step into the shoes of a babysitter and take care of monstrous creatures.Pay attention to what the babies are in need and be nimble ...

Nanny Nelly Show that can take care of children in this fun simulator.The objective is to take care of several babies,they arrive at the nursery.Take Care of Baby P. ..

Nanny Nurse Be responsive and meets all the demands of babies.You'll have to pay attention to everything he asks qu,not to let him cry ...

Take Care of Baby You are the nanny this beautiful baby!Take care to meet their needs before he fret and cry.Naughty Babysitter Take care,feed and c ...

Dino Babies Expect this baby dinosaur is born,and then your job will take care of it,giving food and making him sleep ...

Cute Kitten Daycare In this game,you will be the nanny that kitten.Your task will take very good care of him,doing everything he asks and not forgetting to al ...

Naughty Babysitter This boy was alone at home with his younger brother,and his left and decided to call a babysitter to watch them.Your goal ...

Pug Care You will be nanny dogs beautiful breed pug.Treat them with love and not let any helpless,and they sure ...

Cat Breeder This girl got a job babysitting cats and needs your help to take care of everything.Choose one of the races,and take care of t ...

Baby Sitting In this game you are a babysitter who just started working at a daycare.You have to get kids and then takes care ...

Mommy Cat Show that you can be the Mom that kitten.Help Nurse taking care,giving food,making jokes,and prove ...

Daycare Nightmare Nanny Nelly Nanny Nurse Dino Babies Cute Kitten Daycare

2009-06-24 09:55:11 by 37897142

I am needing of babysitting for my kids

I am Dr Phills am from London in Scotland i work as civil engineer in Cornelle engineering co ltd,i Need a Professional Babysitter, Caregiver or Nanny Needed with no criminal record and no Drug uses. I would want to leave are twin females by the names of Mary and maria.They are two and half years old,Lovers of computer games,not allergic and free to people,in your care as I would accompany 2 other delegates for an inspection tour of one of our Mini-Stores located near you for a month from 25th June- 30th July 2009 (10am - 5pm, Monday - Friday), If you are available and interested kindly send me an email and let me know what would be the total cost

2011-02-24 15:02:59 by bls10c

Perfect for the job!

Hey there!
My name is Brittany Small and I am currently attending Florida State University. Usually I go home over the summer (to Orlando) but this year I am staying in Tallahassee and need a full time job. I love kids! I have been babysitting forever and I practically raised my younger brother. I have four years experience as a nanny. Those jobs including watching the kids, cooking, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, etc. Two of those years I was a nanny for an autistic child. I have much patience for children. I love to play games, read books, go to the park, do crafts, etc. I am certified in CPR as well as the Heimlich Maneuver for adults/children and infants

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Adventures in Snotty Sitting/Cowdyshack
TV Series Episode Video on Demand ()
Topics Entertainment Nanny 911
Software (Topics Entertainment)
  • Based on the reality television show, Nanny 911
  • Take 5 families from complete chaos to calm and collected
  • 70 fun and challenging levels to complete
  • Each nanny has her own special power
  • You are the nanny; you dish out the discipline

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