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Dollar Theater Massacre!: BABY-SITTING: A Short Film Showcasing

Game description:

In this game you will have to make
nanny looking after the triplets so they remain
happy and quiet while their parents.

How to play:

Use the mouse to carry babies what they need.

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The game:

Some games take a while to load, be patient while downloading the game

Game Played:



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Majesco Sales Inc. Babysitting Mama
Video Games (Majesco Sales Inc.)
  • Tuck your Wii Remote into baby, connect your Nunchuk and watch your huggable newborn come to life.
2012-03-12 11:47:44 by Adri415

Probably babysitting and going to school FT

Thanks very much for the info! 3 bedroom because I have Public Housing Assistance and my voucher is for 3 rooms. I would LIKE to live downtown but in a nice and decent area, although I know it's very costly... But other areas wouldn't matter as long as they are suitable for kids. I am also a Jr. College Student so I need to be located in a convenient area. I'm planning on bringing my car if I move out there, not sure how that goes either, i'm sure it's a different story by neighborhoods.

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Don't do it William! Duchess of Cambridge's mother to move in with the royal ..  — Daily Star
It is believed that George's grandma will spend time at the flat assisting daughter Kate, 31, with child-care and baby- sitting duties. Kate's dad Michael, 64, will also be welcome to stay there.

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LONDON, Aug 28 — Stand-up comic Bridget Christie was about to put her career on pause as she realised that at 41 and with two young kids she earned less than her babysitter. But on Saturday she won the most prestigious prize in British comedy.

Amer Girl Babysitter's Business Kit (American Girl) (American Girl Library)
Book (Amer Girl)
Babysitting Baby Game - Girls
Babysitting Baby Game - Girls
Kids Underwater Bath Fun - Baby Swimming in Tub - Girls Gymnastics
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Games2win Parking Frenzy 2.0
Mobile Application (Games2win)
  • Fun and addictive gameplay that puts your driving skills to the test!
  • 31 challenging levels and 10 driving tests with obstacles, traffic and pedestrians
  • Realistic driving physics and steering control!
  • Auto repair function that lets you drive without the fear crashing
  • HD Graphics
UBI Soft Imagine Babyz 3D
Video Games (UBI Soft)
  • Follow your realistic babies through different development stages, from 6 to 18 months.
  • Show off your babysitting skills & bond with babies like never before.
  • Incredibly realistic 3D graphics.
  • Unique babies with their own personalities and abilities.
  • Watch, hug & even talk to your baby via voice recognition.
Viva Media Games for Girls 4-Pack - Games You Will Love!
Software (Viva Media)
  • Celebrate fun and surprise as you solve mysteries, build up business empires , collect sparkling diamonds and more in 4 awesome full-sized games for one incredible...
  • In Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers, plant the seeds of a stunning garden where you ll be able to crossbreed blossoms, create new species and even sell what you...
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  • Catch falling diamonds in the addicting, action-puzzle game, Diamond Drop. Discover new surprises and earn extra points with magic gems, bombs, and power rocks!...
  • In My Dream Job: Babysitter, you ll go from diapers to dollars in an awesome baby-sitting sim-game! Keep the kids happy, and their parents will fill your piggy back...
Dora Playtime with the Twins - Dora The Babysitter Online Game
Dora Playtime with the Twins - Dora The Babysitter Online Game
Dora the Babysitter
Dora the Babysitter
Baby Sitting Games
Baby Sitting Games

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    Jun 11, 2012 by Elizabeth | Posted in Newborn & Baby

    Going to babysit a baby girl for the first time tomorrow. Any tips or helps in babysitting? My worst fear is diaper changing. Any form of help is much appreciated. yeah there are aware that i am new in this, technically the experience i had before this was taking care of my 2 year old cousin sister.

    • First off diaper changing isnt that hard just make sure u get in little creases when you whipe them, and dont wipe the too hard or it will make them raw. The only time you ise baby powder is when the baby is red down there, be sure not to use too much. If you are babysiting at your hoise be sure to pick up anything they can get ahold of because if they can reach it they will pick it up and eat it. No toys that are small and can fit all the way into their mouth. Mealtime can be messy so always use a bib and if you dont have one take off all clothes accept diaper and give them a bath after they eat …

  • Avatar Ohh, Baby :) What are some great Nintendo DS Games for me?
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    Im an 11 year old girl :) I love games that are fun, yet challenging. And I love games about babies and babysitting! I like animals too :) Try to list as many games as possible please!

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