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As a "newbie" in the baby-sitting you can certainly not imagine exactly what will happen to you. Thus prepares you less headache for the ignorance, we will give you a glimpse of what you should pay special attention to your first jobs as a babysitter.

The first few meetings should be used to clarify important tasks and habits of the family.

In the first meeting essential things such as family rules, mealtimes, TV times, any medications and habits of the children should be discussed. If you have any questions, you trust to make these! The parents are pleased when you show interest in the child and nachfragst how you can calm the child, for example, when it cries or what the child likes to play.

The parents will talk with you about your area of ​​responsibility and during their absence. It is important for you that you think you follow the instructions of the parents, because all parents have - consciously or unconsciously - decided on a particular education, to which you should also keep you.

Meet the child know well in order to make the best possible support in difficult situations.

Between you and the child a foundation of trust should arise, because the child should feel comfortable and safe in your presence. If you spend some time with the child, as you learn to know the child and know whether it is quiet or is very active, is cautious or risky "experiments" tendency or whether it is love or maybe even a little bitchy is . You should be able to respond appropriately in the respective situations.

Precisely for this reason, it is recommended that the parents are in your first visits at home or at least in the immediate neighborhood, because if you are unsure, have questions or do not know exactly how you should react to certain situations, so you can you be sure that the parents are nearby and you can always stand to the side.

Be aware of the great responsibility you as a babysitter

Is it so far that you yourself are dealing alone with the child, it is important to note for you that you are not only playmate for the child, but also have a great responsibility. You should be self-confident so that you will be recognized and respected by the child. Do not let yourself on the games and the tricks of the child, because every child needs to know what are the limits and what rules it has to follow.

Let the child a playmate and not a strict "watcher"

Anyone who works as a babysitter should also work intensively with the child. It is your job to take care of not only the child, but you should go and make the time so that the child enjoys and looks forward to the next meeting with you on the child. Find out what the child has hobbies, going to the playground, playing the favorite game or tinker or paint something in common. Thus, you attain the trust and affection of the child.

2011-01-31 16:58:33 by biggs2007


Hi my name is Cali, I am a very responsible person. I am in the National Junior Honor Society. I babysit my 2 and 1/2 year old sister almost every day, so I have plenty of experience doing this job. I am trying to start to save up for a car when I turn 16 years old. I have references if you need them. Contact me by email to the address above.

2010-11-10 17:21:20 by babysitinhome

I can babysit in your home

I am 17 years old and i am very good with kids. i have babysat from 0-8 years old. i ahve been babysitting since i was 9. i am now an expecting mother due in june. if you need a babysitter contact me at subject:need babysitter. i do any time on weekends but during the week i can start at 3 or 3:30 thank you

2008-02-18 22:38:38 by woowoos

I was babysitter to all the neighborhood kids.

How they let me "sit" is unbelievable to me now. I was too young! And I "sat" for young kids and babies! What were they thinking?
Luckily, it all was OK, and I always did their dishes and cleaned up so I got lots of money.
Then at 14 I got to start to model and quit that babysitting. I think I made more money babysitting!

2010-04-26 20:20:30 by crystalroy

Grapevine Babysitter/Nanny

Hello, my name is Crystal and I'm in college studying for my bachelor’s degree. I enjoy helping people and caring for children. I need a job where I can work from home and love what I do; babysitting is the perfect job for me. I have two medium sized dogs that are very sweet. My house is very clean and sanitized. I have 4 years experience babysitting. I'm most comfortable with infants to preschool ages. I just moved to the Grapevine area and I really enjoy it so far and I can't wait to start working again. I'm working on getting CPR and First Aid certified.

2008-09-24 21:40:56 by MySecondBaby

Heck, start it now.

I start mine when I get a BFP... but I do it under fake names like Julia Roberts and George Cloony... lol. Then I change the name to me and DH when the shower approaches.
There are just so many things to keep track of... I treat mine like a shopping list. Also, look at fun registries like it's so cool! You can register for meals and babysitting! LOL! And put cool things like cloth diapers (if that's your groove) from LOCAL businesses! SWEET!!!

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