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Santa Cruz Unemployment multiplies the posters on the streets of Santa Cruz that offer everything from private lessons and cleaning up paint and rituals against evil eye 16.06.2013 | 3:03 Un curso de masaje tailandés. BEAU VERONICA A Thai massage course. A psychic who kills the evil eye. Aesthetics at home to anti-crisis prices. A computer that takes care of your computer. A lady who cleans houses and cares for the elderly. A student who does babysitting. Yoga, removals, transfers, beautician at home, for summer remedial classes, English, French, Arabic, Basque, computer for grandparents ... The crisis has increased the ads of all types of services on lampposts, corks and walls of the streets and shops of Santa Cruz. From a hanging strips of paper with phone numbers, others are more professions and brochures are handmade. The offer is varied but all are united by a challenge: find employment in desperation.

Many of these posters have misspellings, although there are those who misspell their own phone number, as a person who offer Arabic and French classes with a mobile five digits. Some are gleefully describing their services and others go to the point: "Mathematics, physics, chemistry, language, English."

These people are usually immigrants, students or simply victims of the crisis empapelan the city in search of income. One of the problems posed by these ads at street level is unfair competition that this activity, which is charged on black money, make it to the companies that do pay taxes for their jobs, local holiday and high to Safety Social. But in most cases these small jobs are a plus in the family economy or the last exit of the unemployed.

In the City of Santa Cruz there is an ordinance that prohibits the placement of these signs in street lighting and city walls. Also, workers are ordered to start cleaning these posters, in the same way that erase the graffiti vandalism. But as you can see, day after day in Santa Cruz this standard is not met and there are no sanctions or signs disappear.

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Rant about drop-offs for babysitting. In my

Case it's my elderly mother (who lives with me) who needs babysitting-- she has Alzheimer's.
So, last night, a friend called at the last minute and invited me out to dinner. I told her I'd try to get one of my sisters to take care of my mom for a little while so that I could go.
Long story short, I made the arrangements with my sister, dropped my mom off at her house, and headed to the restaurant. This was at 7:50pm when I dropped her off.
I told my sister that if I wasn't back by the time mom was ready for bed to just take her home and put her in bed. She sleeps like a log, and never gets up in the night, so it's not a problem for her to be home alone for a little while at night after she goes to bed

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