Agence de Baby Sitting Nîmes

Our expertise is to provide your children with Toulouse and the surrounding services childcare 100% foreign language: Upon leaving school or Wednesday we provide you with a babysitter that native take care of your child and to introduce a new language.

Your Baby sitter in Toulouse

en langues étrangères emploie à Toulouse des baby sitters natives de langue choisie. Our agency childcare in foreign languages ​​used in Toulouse baby sitters native language of choice.

Our babysitters:

  • are recruited with a rigorous selection
  • are English, Spanish, German ... according to your choice
  • have experience in childcare

are trained in safety and language acquisition

Childcare Toulouse

child care Toulouse Our agency home child care (to 'out of school') suits your needs occurring at different times in the week or the day:

  • Upon leaving school , your babysitter will look your children can get to the park, then takes care of the taste and play with them ...
  • Wednesday for a full day or half-day
  • In the evening , to enjoy a moment without children
  • During the holidays , we can meet your childcare needs from a day to several days

We are available or you can fill out a callback request if you want more information about our services.

2013-03-02 11:10:09 by vanyki

Nabi jr? wow! the goodness kids these day have..

got 2 of these little devices for my kids from walmart. installed amazon apps and got netflix/opera/other apps to work on it. netflix plays great without a glitch; same as wife htc evo. magicjack app worked without any problems to send/recieve phone calls. i assume skype will work too as this device has a phone/camera; also, users have had success with it. only problem is in kids mode some kind of parental protection or something blocks some apps to connect to the server. opera cannot play youtube videos on kids mode; plays fine in mommy/daddy mode. magicjack app works on kids mode to recieve call, but for some reason got a server error too on kids mode only

2011-02-23 06:01:01 by greaterdogs


Cause i don't think a dog saved from neglect from its owner that is going to a rescue - should be in a warehouse alone at night - and trying to get along in the day with all the activity. my opinion. that dog needed some care to get adjusted to a safe environment - not be alone.
well, the babysitter said she didn't see the dog get out of the bedroom. i asked what time did your babysitter call? she said she never did. she found out when she got home. so if she had said she had a babysitter - would not the screener say - is she familiar with young, active dogs while caring for a 2 and 4 year old?
that is a legit question, to me

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