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Etienne RoumailhacThe 14th National Awards Talent contest entrepreneurship were presented last Thursday,November 22,the Ministry of Economy.Supported by the network Boutiques de Gestion (BGE),a network of support for the creation and recovery of businesses,this award was given to 11 entrepreneurs.OSEO-Credit Agricole awards were presented to two young TPE services.Laure-Queguiner-Planet

The Talent Contest 2012,is a ranking of the rich diversity of activities created or taken,and the persuasiveness of entrepreneurs for whom entrepreneurship is a real alternative to the job search.

Prices OSEO - Crédit Agricole

Prices OSEO - Crédit Agricole (4000 euros each) were awarded to two entrepreneurs for their initiative in the field of "services"

Etienne Roumailhac, LGF (EI) created in May 2011 Toulouzette in the Landes for his insect activity - eradication of wasps and hornets Asian Category "Services"..
Etienne Roumailhac also awarded the Encouragement Agefiph.

Discover his portrait: " Etienne Roumailhac,specialist insect ,respects the environment.Les lauréats nationaux du Concours Talents"

Laure Queguiner-Planet of enlightenment bilingual (SARL) established in August 2011 in Paris,for his activity in children and English language workshops at home. Category "Personal Services" guard.

Find the picture of " My Babysitter speaks English . "

The other national winners

  • Frédéric Roullier - Biopic SAS - Development of mobile solutions for data transmission continues to information on animal health
  • Baptiste Thibault Gouache and Coulange - Cornis SAS - Research and Development in Structural Dynamics
  • Bérengère Reale - Oclico EURL - Online distribution of local products and / or biological
  • Samuel POULINGUE,Jean-Luc Le Goaller and Nicolas Hervé - The Pager SCOP - Innovative Services for hearing impaired
  • Benoit and Isabelle Amiel - The Pierre qui Tourne SARL - Manufacture of handicrafts and organic biscuits in rural areas
  • Cristel and Frederic Legrand Vasseux - CADaGEO SCOP - Mapping,CAD / CAM and technical documentation management for network managers
  • Christophe Picard and Samuel Skrzypczak - EGT SAS - Making arrangements all trades office and commercial spaces
  • Yanis Souami - Sinay Ltd - Office,consultant and engineering in the field of maritime economy
  • Joëlle Dumotier - At Joelle (EI) - Traditional Restaurant,local shops in rural areas.

Learn more about the winners

Key figures and trends of regional promotion

  • Constants: more participants and the feminization of entrepreneurship enhanced
  • The delicate problem of financing
  • Trends: innovation and solidarity in the areas of technology and services.

Download key figures and trends of the national promotion of the Talent Contest.

2013-03-02 11:10:09 by vanyki

Nabi jr? wow! the goodness kids these day have..

got 2 of these little devices for my kids from walmart. installed amazon apps and got netflix/opera/other apps to work on it. netflix plays great without a glitch; same as wife htc evo. magicjack app worked without any problems to send/recieve phone calls. i assume skype will work too as this device has a phone/camera; also, users have had success with it. only problem is in kids mode some kind of parental protection or something blocks some apps to connect to the server. opera cannot play youtube videos on kids mode; plays fine in mommy/daddy mode. magicjack app works on kids mode to recieve call, but for some reason got a server error too on kids mode only

2011-02-23 06:01:01 by greaterdogs


Cause i don't think a dog saved from neglect from its owner that is going to a rescue - should be in a warehouse alone at night - and trying to get along in the day with all the activity. my opinion. that dog needed some care to get adjusted to a safe environment - not be alone.
well, the babysitter said she didn't see the dog get out of the bedroom. i asked what time did your babysitter call? she said she never did. she found out when she got home. so if she had said she had a babysitter - would not the screener say - is she familiar with young, active dogs while caring for a 2 and 4 year old?
that is a legit question, to me

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