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阿爾卑斯~蔚藍海岸大區繼馬賽之後的第二大城市。 Nice in southeastern France, a city bordering the Mediterranean Sea, Provence - Alpes - Cote d'Azur region's second largest city after following the Marseille. Also the whole of France after Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Toulon after the fifth-largest population density of the city.

↑ Nice location map

After the plane, get tour buses go through Nice beach - blue sky, sea, sun, pebbles ...

↑ Promenade des Anglais - also known as the Anglo-street (Promenade des Anglais), along the Mediterranean to Nice Cote d'Azur a famous seaside promenade.

As Nice has a beautiful natural landscape, coupled with a pleasant Mediterranean climate, in the late eighteenth century, attracted a lot of English high society aristocratic family with a mild climate Nice to spend a long cold winter. Originally it was covered by the sea pebbles, they begin to build up a trail, and now many people are on this Promenade des Anglais jogging, biking.

↑ Nice moored pier - a lot of boats, yachts ...

↑ ↓ Promenade des Anglais we do not stop to enjoy the sun, sea, but directly drove up the hill away from the top overlooking the Cote d'Azur in Nice - all on the water, at a glance ... Unfortunately, little chance to see the night lights of the port ...

Car stop here let us down and take pictures and enjoy the beautiful scenery, because to go eagle nest village of Eze Village Eze foothills lunch, and then go eagle nest village of Eze.

↑ ↓ shot from the car along the landscape, the speed is really fast ㄚ grasp.

Afternoon from Eze Village eagle nest back to the hotel after the leader telling everyone looked at the map and tell us the location of hotel, restaurant and tell us the location of the evening went to Nice tomorrow morning with how the car, in case someone wandered off, You can have the ability to return to hotel.
Then look for the evening with our first restaurant, walked from the hotel restaurant really has some distance, we will go all the way, all the way to the East and looked around, just to see more of the lively streets of Nice.

Nice crowd on the street quite a lot, mostly foreign tourists, is lined with shops, are now more than half off, ha ha! Looked good heart Oh! Unfortunately, no time to go shopping ㄚ ...

↑ walked restaurant location, and then to the old town, Nice morning in Old Town

↓ road with trees, orange trees, but orange Dry, it seems not enough nutrients.

We went to the old city with a leader and tell us how tomorrow tram ride from the hotel to the morning market. Here there are still many stores can slowly treasure Oh!

↑ shot in the old town of Nice shot ~ Escorts "2266" gigs, hee hee! Beautiful and happy team ㄚ!

↑ Restaurant ~ heard it was ranked sixth in Nice restaurant, is the first hospitality group.

Frenchman takes a long time to eat, after eating the first course, second course, I forgot there, I thought finished, the results from seven to ten o'clock to eat, we eat started from slowly dissolved Frenchman living ... slow living.

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2009-11-30 11:14:55 by pbp

Off topic but

Thank you for the professionalism I see here.
I left the Teakwondo association I was with as it had become a baby sitting and belt selling service.
You questions, your responses, and even the fact that you don't have a link to a school in your profile indicate to me that you are not an instructor who needs to worry about his (or her) class turning into a babysitting service.
Keep up the good work.

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