Babysitting is a Dangerous Jobs

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Cinema-Tip Actually, Sandy (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and her family epitomizes the typical average American: The 40-year-old lives with her two children and her husband Frank (Sam Robards) in a nice house in one of the quiet suburbs. But then Sandy learns by chance of an affair of her husband with a neighbor. Furious, she grabs her and pulls kids head over to New York. There they find it fast a job at a sports broadcaster, but without a babysitter they can not take the. So they hired the young Aram (Justin Bartha), the well-received not only in their kids. Sandy has also discovered that their former means the waiter more than they want to admit. The only problem with the thing: The 25-year-old youngster is a full 15 years younger than herself Can this go on? And what do her friends to the new man at Sandy's side? ...

Trailer - "Dear Love"


That an older man with a younger woman together is, for many seems nothing special. How does that but for the reverse? This question goes to director Bart Freundlich in his new comedy. The film, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones in the lead role is certainly a prime candidate for fans of "Sex and the City" or "Desperate Housewives".

Whether a relationship can work at a much younger man, even the best Hollywood answered by the way: for Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, the 15 years older than the age difference certainly seems to be a problem.

Scene from "Dear Love" (17 images)

USA 2009 - Director & Writer: Bart Freundlich, Camera: Jonathan Freeman - Starring: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Justin Bartha, Kelly Gould, Andrew Cherry, Rob Kerkovich, Sam Robards, Kate Jennings, Lynn Whitfield, John Schneider - Rated: 6 years, Release date: 25 December 2009 Rental: Tobis


Fawcett Baby-Sitting Is a Dangerous Job
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2009-08-11 21:35:35 by Lone_Wolf79

Since I'm currently between jobs...ugh.

I'll go through my jobs:
McDonalds: It's a lot worse than you think it is...
Little Caesars: No, we've never offered 30 minutes or it's free, that was Dominos, and they have quit doing that due to traffic tickets and the impossibility of actually doing it.
Namco Arcade: Yes, all I did was act as a glorified janitor/babysitter.
UPS: Not all who work at UPS are delivery drivers. Some of us have to work moving thousands of your packages a shift. And no, we don't go around throwing all your boxes, thousands of boxes a shift shoved together using conveyor belts can be overwhelming, we try, but it's not always possible

2005-05-27 11:01:26 by bostonmeitschi

Maybe but a supervisor should be a babysitter!

These are adult women at work = they are being paid to work, not to cat fight. There is absolutely no reason why two adults cannot put aside their silly personal and petty differences and do their jobs. Having to have a mediator for general communication within an office is just unnecessary and childish. If these women can't act like professionals and do their work they should reconsider what exactly they are being paid for
side note: as you can tell, this is one of my biggest pet peeves!

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