When should baby be sitting up unassisted

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The crawling The crawling helps your baby to strengthen his muscles to walk. This is his primary means of independent and efficient movement. In general, toddlers first learn to balance on their hands and knees. Then they discover how to move forward or backward by pushing their knees.
At what age does baby begins to crawl? Most babies learn to crawl between 6 and 10 months. But some children do not go through this step. They prefer to hang out on the bottom, slide on your stomach or directly to climb, stand and begin to walk. What is important is to get moving, no matter how.
How baby he starts crawling? Babies put on all fours once they have acquired the position sitting unaided, around 6 or 7 months. At this point, they take out their head and can look around. The muscles of the arms, legs and back are strong enough to prevent them from falling down when they stand on their hands and knees. Over the next two months, your baby will gradually gain confidence to move from a seated position on all fours. He realized very quickly that it can swing back and forth holding his right limbs and torso parallel to the ground. To the ninth or tenth month, he realizes that by pushing on his knees, he gets the impetus to move. As and when he learns to spend fours to sitting. He also understood that it is much easier to move forward in one arm and the opposite leg at the same time, rather than using the arm and leg on the same side. He then perfected through practice. At one year, there will be a real four-legged walker competition!

Your baby boom back, moves on her buttocks (one hand behind him and one foot in front) or skips stage fours to go straight to work? No reason to worry. The time it moves one way or another, all is well.

A baby starts walking can make mistakes. Make sure your home is safe for children, and bring special attention to the stairs. Your baby will be attracted by the staircase, which can be dangerous. You will need to install a security fence until baby knows really walk (around 12 months), and even then, your child should be monitored in all his movements.

There is no reason to invest in a pair of shoes at the moment. So it does not really work, your baby does not need to wear.

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When your baby is comfortable sitting in them

Different babies have different timetables, so it's not necessarily useful to say "6 mos." with a doorway jumper they need to have muscle control from about the mid-back up. it should be fairly obvious if the baby is comfortable in it -- if not, they will slump over. my baby started bouncing happily in the jumper at 4 mos, but she's on the sturdy side. some babies will take longer to get their back musculature.
for exersaucer, i think since they can pivot around, the baby should be fully comfortable sitting up unassisted, whenever that happens to happen.

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