My baby is sitting up at 5 months

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My baby is sitting. Why? If it is your first child, he is likely to still turn it upside down, the ideal position for birth, more or less by the eighth month. At the time of birth, about 96 percent of babies are in that position, officially called "cephalic presentation." Others, however, remain seated until the end in "breech". A study recently speculated that the tendency to sit in the womb can be hereditary.
And if the baby sit still until the moment of birth? There is a non-invasive maneuver called "external cephalic version" made after 38 weeks of pregnancy, the hospital as a precaution. In other countries it is performed infrequently and can make the baby turn in about two thirds of cases. Here in Brazil, however, is more difficult to find trained professionals in accomplishing it. Ask your obstetrician. Teachers can recommend yoga positions and exercises to try to turn the baby. But always consult your obstetrician before trying these therapies.

A recent review of research on the subject indicated that the safest mode of delivery in case the baby is sitting cesarean . But each case must be evaluated individually, and there are no problems in attempting vaginal delivery if the doctor is in agreement. There are obstetricians who have more experience in this type of delivery, and it may be worth consulting one.

If your baby is sitting and you go into preterm labor, should talk to your doctor to see which is the best option. While research is not conclusive, there are indications that vaginal delivery is easier with premature babies with babies over 37 weeks gestation.

The issue of safety of vaginal birth for babies sitting is controversial and opinions are still changing. It is feared that the excess cesareans finish making the "art" of helping a baby come into the world sitting for normal delivery is lost, since doctors are becoming less trained to maneuver.

2006-02-07 21:16:18 by anitgone

My twins walked at 9 & barely 10 months.

They held their heads up pretty well by 2 weeks, rolled at 8 weeks and 10 weeks, crawled forward and got themselves into sitting up positions at 4.5 and 5 months to the day, walked pretty steadily at 9 & barely 10 months. But they did not talk at 7 months, nowhere close! One is finally now, at 5, over a speech delay. But there was another mom in our mom's group whose 7 month old talked. I thought she was hearing things, but this baby really did say things like mama, ba (ball) ca (cat). Pretty amazing. It is possible.
That said, parents tend to have mother amnesia big time.

2006-04-14 11:58:05 by anitgone

My boys are both like that, but they have each

Other to smother. They are twins. It is super sweet, IMO. However - I have had other parents with only 1 kid really freak a little about it, and in turn their kid freaks. Plus some kids are big on personal space, and do not want to be touched or hugged. So I gently re-directed my boys. They didn't get it until around age two. I remember when they were babies, about 6 months old and super mobile, once they were crawling all over a friend's baby the same age who was not yet really sitting up. She was in her car seat, and just seemed curious about my boys but her mom reacted and in turn she then started crying

2006-08-02 07:50:59 by chaotican

It was my issue, too

For the first few weeks, I just slept sitting up with him in my arms. He wouldn't sleep in a crib at all. Eventually, he would sleep laying next to me, if he had free access to a nipple. We went from there to having him sleep beside me in an on-the-bed-cosleeper. I had to have my hand on him.
Now, I can put him in the cosleeper and he falls asleep even if I'm not there. It took a little over 4 months to get to that point. DS is 5 months old today, and he still won't sleep in his crib.
You're not alone. Personally, I wouldn't let a baby that age cry.

2009-07-24 09:04:55 by sangygogo

There is nothing odd about it babies are all

Different and just because she can do that at 6 months doesn't mean anything. She still may not walk on her own until 14 months.
To answer your question all of my kids could crawl between 5.5 and 6.5 months. DS! sat on his own at 3.5 months, DS2 and DD didn't pull themselves to a sitting position until almost 6 months. I'm not up to digging out baby books right now but by 8mos DS1 was calling everyone in the family by name and speaking in simple sentences most of the time. At 7 months DD would say hi mama when I cam e home and called DH daddy, not dada. DS2 would scream his brother's name followed by stop at about 6

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