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All characters are owned by Wataru Yoshizumi

NOTE: This fic is written from the anime series Marmalade Boy, do not confuse with the manga version.


Marmalade Boy 2

Chapter 1: Start a new season

We are May 23, Sunday, is a hot day ... nine months ago Yuu and Miki graduated and spreading the news that Rumi and Chiyako were pregnant.

At the Koishikawa-Matsuura atmosphere is like any other day. The whole family are around the TV watching a movie, except that Yuu was the dining room table clean some notes passing of Architecture.

- Ahh ... - whispers Chiyako which is trembling. - A ... my water just broke ...

- AAAHHHHHHHHH! - Shouted all at once.

Quickly, they took the car and marched to the nearest hospital.

At the hospital, everyone waited in the waiting room of the first floor, quite nervous. Both went from side to side of the room with trembling hands and a cold sweat them down his face.

- Honey ... - Rumi said quietly.

- What? - Jin and Yoji responded in unison.

- It's coming ... - Mumbled it.

- AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! - Shouted Jin and Yoji, which quickly Rumi sat in a wheelchair and taken "at full speed" to the delivery rooms.

- I wish to see you at our birth ... - Miki said cynically.

- If you continue to build this scandal ended by blaming the hospital ... - Yuu replied.

The minutes passed. Both Jin and Yoji ran a delivery room to another to see their wives and ex-wives.

3 hours later, Miki and Yuu had fallen asleep in the waiting room when his parents woke them.

- We want you to meet your new brothers. - Said Yoji Jin and very smiley.

The four discoursed through the halls of the floor 4 to get to the room number 452, there were two mothers with two separate babies in their arms.

- Miki, Yuu ... I present to you your new brother. - Chiyako said. - His name is Kensuke

- I love your sister ... - Rumi continued. - She is Megumi.

The petals of the cherry blossoms every spring and fall are windblown ... Sixteen years have passed since the birth of Kensuke and Megumi. Three years after this double birth, Yuu and Miki got married and became independent, leaving their parents and younger siblings living together alone.

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Let's talk about who is dying

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