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All parents need from time to time a short maternity leave: the evening go again for two beautiful food, a joint visit to the cinema or a concert evening. But it works well with the babysitter? And what if the kids wake up? A few small preparations to meet the fear to take to relieve the babysitter and child care.

Which is the right babysitter?

Child minding is often underestimated. Often are hired babysitter, who are still children themselves. But you should be aware of this: A babysitter for a few hours the bears responsibility for one or more children.

Babysitter mediated by agencies, often have completed a babysitting course. There they have learned wrapping and feeding, and the most important thing about first aid. The neighbor's daughter next door or the student should tell parents exactly what to do when the child is not good.

A babysitter should know the following:

  • As the evening ritual usually running from? When do the children sleep, they may watch television?
  • What favorite book, favorite activity have the children?
  • How to respond to the babysitter when the child wakes up? Removal, to drink, to play?
  • If the child is just a little sickly?
  • Does it take any medication?
  • The child suffers from allergies?
  • Can not eat foods determined?
  • Where is the medicine cabinet and what does it contain?
  • Under what phone numbers to parents and neighbors are reliable to accomplish?
  • How alerted emergency services, ambulance or fire department?
  • Which Phone has the poison?

Important documents for babysitters:

Create a folder babysitter. Into include:

  • Your mobile phone number where you can be reached and
  • Some cash for unforeseen situations
  • A brief description of how the remote controls for TV or DVD player to work.
  • The number of children and the emergency call Poison Control Center
  • On the same note: Your first and last name and the exact address
  • The child's insurance card
  • Spare keys for your house or your apartment
  • Pen and paper for notes
  • The babysitter contract

Should we sign a proper contract with the Baybsitter?

Some like it better in black and white. It includes regulation: scope of care, failure, payment, insurance etc. You can have a babysitting contract as a blank form download free. The agreement was signed by City Parents - compiled Without Borders Leipzig and kindly made available.

Enter instructions which calls Concern:

  • If the babysitter receive calls?
  • Can he provide information, for example that you are not there and come back only in x hours?
  • He shall record time, name and phone number?

2005-09-24 18:28:51 by Pennys_mom

I was sitting here thinking

That maybe a puppy of any type might be too much for a 13 month old baby, then I slapped myself. lol When my daughter was 5 months old, we adopted a Boxer puppy... that puppy was amazing w/ my daughter. He would nip at the toes of her terry sleeper when she was in her walker and roll her around the room, she'd be laughing and his tail was flying w/ happiness. They grew up together and nothing made me more sad than when he died.... Melissa's best friend that had been in her life longer than she could remember was gone.
Maybe you could work with a breeder to make payments towards a puppy from an upcoming litter? I'm not sure what the solution is for you, but I hope it all works out for you.

2006-12-02 07:56:26 by IamPatSajak

Walker (the push kind), drop and roar dinosaur..

Books, little soft cars, baby einstein grand piano or the leapfrog table.
I buy at christmas the gifts for the whole next year. Your DD will be pulling herself up to standing or at least sitting up in no time.
Stuff the stocking with baby foods- DS loves those little first food puffs.
Lamaze makes lots of cute soft toys, the parent's magazine at Target is great.. I love the rocking elephant.. I'd get it if DS didn't already have a rocking cow, rocking horse, ride on horse and one of those musical floor gyms that converts into a piano rocker.
yes, we have to much stuff.

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