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Natività Custonaci

The extraordinary beauty of the images,born from the creativity,the composure,the pathos of interpretation of the characters,have made ​​the Nativity of Custonaci among the most famous in Italy.In fact,during the holiday season,for many believers and non-travel to visit a live nativity scene is a appuntmento that you can not miss.Everything takes place a few miles from a small town called Trapani Custonaci and specifically in a spectacular cave Mangiapane Scurati.The initiative comes only in 1983 but since then has been repeated every year attracting tourists from all over Sicily and beyond. The cave,dating back to the Paleolithic era,is a 50 meter long corridor flanked by a number of uninhabited houses now for several decades that make up the ancient village of Scurati.La Grotta "Mangiapane, " is so called from the name of the family who lived there from 1800 until the end of the last great war.In this space,wide and deep,(equipped with an aperture very high at about 80 meters) were built against the walls of the cave,many small houses,some stables and an oven to bake bread: Adjacent to the cave arose after various other buildings rural areas.The abandoned village,at Christmas time,back to life thanks to the participation of around 350 volunteers (all inhabitants of Custonaci) for the occasion turn into actors.On the night of December 24 from the Shrine of Our Lady of Custonaci, after a church service,a parade part: an evocative candlelight vigil lights up the night and accompanied by Mary riding a donkey drawn by Joseph.

A path through the procession reaches Scurati,where Maria knocks on the door of an inn,and no place,sits along with her husband in the nearest cave.The Nativity is definitely the focal point of any crib and the Custonaci, in this sense,is no exception.In the bottom of the cave there,baby Jesus,Mary and Joseph flanked the ox and the donkey.Among the gifts brought to the Savior there are also several typical Sicilian products.Through a path from the entrance of the cave reaches the manger,we relive the crafts,customs and traditions of a time long forgotten.In the small village on the night of Christmas crafts are renewed lost our beautiful island.There is the "zimmilaru" working "the giummara" and "curina" (part of the dwarf palm),a senior builds "carteddi" with palms and olive branches,a group of fishermen repair their nets while the "Nassaro" prepares the fish trap,a trap for crustaceans and cephalopods.There is also the "wheelwright" that attempts to circle one wheel of a cart,the charcoal,the "carder" wool and again "u trappitu" (grinding of the olives),"u stazzunaru" (worker clay),"u zabbarinaru" (working the agave plant) and many other crafts and characters living.A blast from the past through the clothes,tools from work,household effects.grotta-mangiapane-custonaci In some rural farm girls washing clothes in a pile as did their grandmothers.A woman embroiders to frame the wedding trousseau; others do the hook and stretch with the iron coal.Particular attention is then paid to gastronomy.Women prepare dried figs and "u strattu" spreading the tomato juice on long wooden tables and doing it then dried in the sun.As a pastor prepares delicious ricotta and other cheeses.All this is the background the lovely sound of bagpipes played by the shepherds.
A testimony of strong cultural identity.Around the religious fact,the Event par excellence,the feast of Christmas is,have gradually materialized and rural work experience craftsman who gave birth to a "staging" alive and fascinating,a scenario where the sacred gestures,voices,sounds of ancient know: life farming in the agro-pastoral and craft Erice at the end of 1800.All this happens as it happened really really the birth of Christ,the supreme act of love for man reborn free from sin and death.Act of love is also going through the men and women of Custonaci that contribute with their commitment to renew the mystery of the Nativity and to strengthen the bonds of a whole community.It should be 'stressed,in particular,the commitment that the people of Custonaci puts to live in a space still intact and suggestive,the' magic of Christmas.


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2008-02-10 18:24:33 by upstatefoodie

How can I get him to be more understanding?

I am almost ready to have a baby. The last 2 weeks I have been home from work, waiting for the big event. He works from home, so we have been spending an inordinate amount of time at home at the same time.
I am huge, obviously, and can't even bend over to pick something up off the floor. He won't let me paint, lift anything heavy, or do anything strenuous, which basically leaves him to do ALL the work involving getting ready for the baby. The only problem is he does things ONLY when he feels like it, on HIS terms. I am getting extremely frustrated waiting for everything to get done, and walking around the piles and piles of stuff laying around that are waiting for painting to be finished, furniture to be put together

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