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When you have a baby in the belly, the world is spinning around the waist. Unbelievable things happen in the abdominal area. Fantastic transformations. Sit inside and see yourself out.

Belly sight
At 10 weeks, the uterus is the size of a large orange. At 12 weeks is about the size of a grapefruit and large at 14 weeks of a small melon. These are the standard measures of the volume of a pregnant belly. Having a melon, albeit small, in the belly hardly go unnoticed. Does the 14 weeks that the stomach begins to deserve recognition. In the first pregnancy, it takes more to be noted (for anguish of first-time mothers, who wish to see the growing belly). In the following, it becomes almost impossible to postpone the announcement of good news, because the novelty stands out.

Changes in wardrobe usually only necessary in the middle of the second trimester (between 16 and 20 weeks). Until then, unless it is staunch supporter of skinny jeans, most of the clothing is well adapted to the new body.

The skin stretches. The muscles stretch. The ligaments stretch. Thus, it is normal to feel itching and pain in the belly. Over the nine months, the skin can stretch between 77-155 square centrímetros. This stretching the skin becomes dehydrated and dried, which causes itching (though not in all women). The creams and moisturizing oils can relieve the urge to scratch. Another practical measure is to use cotton clothing, as it helps to keep the skin fresh.

Abdominal pain, felt by many women (some not so), they are also a reflection of the enormous changes that are happening in the pelvic organs. The muscles and ligaments supporting the uterus is being stretched, which can give some discomfort. These pains should not be of concern unless they are accompanied by other symptoms: fever, bleeding, chills, fainting. Not to be confused with Braxton Hicks contractions - a feeling of tightness in the womb, which makes the belly gets hard for a few seconds - that serve to prepare the body for the real contractions. Usually occur after 20 weeks of gestation, are painless - although inconvenient - and relieve the change position. A good workout for the moment of truth.

A line in the belly
In pregnancy changes everything, even the color of the skin. Unfortunately, the brass does not spread throughout the body. Are just a few parts that darken: nipples, signs, freckles and that line that runs vertically the center of the abdomen - a línea nigra. The increased pigmentation due to the extra estrogen secreted during pregnancy, which will stimulate the melanocytes (skin cells) to produce darker pigments. The black línea already exists before pregnancy, but called línea alba (white). All women have it, but are unaware of its existence. After birth, the line back to white and never fix it.

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2006-08-17 05:58:06 by Wags

I'm so sorry. I hated it too in the early weeks

I remember how awful it was. I think I cried daily for 5 weeks.
I remember the pediatricians telling me that they see big improvements as the baby gets bigger, like at 5 weeks, or sometimes 9 weeks. I was sitting there thinking that sounded like an eternity. I was so miserable, and I still have a lot of sadness about that time of my life.
I supplemented with formula too. I had to. I cried over that too. I felt like a failure (which of course I was not).
It interfered with my ability to bond with her in the first month or two. I dreaded trying to latch her on

2010-11-14 10:21:07 by -

I was given something to stop my milk too

Dr made the unilateral decision - keep in mind he didn't know if I was keeping the baby - I had talked to him ONCE early on about the possibility of adoption.
Then when I delivered prematurely, HE contacted the agency (cath charities) and I woke up in my room with the social worker sitting there - she'd been watching me as I slept.
I need to get my complete records. I told you that when I tried to get the doctor's records, I was told they had been burned. I got records from the hospital but not all the notes, etc. I'm sure there's much more there

2003-07-06 12:12:32 by momsadvice

Too early

Giving a baby cereal at this age is not recommended. His digestive system is not mature and is unable to digest the cereal properly. So, if you do give him the cereal, he will be full. Not because he has adequate food, but because he is unable to digest the cereal and it is sitting in his tiny tummy.
My experience with starting cereal early was not good. I had a baby that woke every two - three hours to be nursed. I was exhausted and gave into my friend's suggestion of cereal. The cereal upset his stomach and he cried for hours.
Wait until the baby is at least 4 months to introduce cereal

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