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    2010-07-09 11:39:16 by YOD_CREWSEY

    Illegal alien kills his own baby for crying

    (07-08) 16:29 PDT Reno, Nev. (AP) --
    A 19-year-old man accused of violently shaking his infant daughter out of anger because her crying disrupted his video game playing has been convicted of felony child abuse.
    A Washoe County District Court jury today deliberated just 20 minutes before returning the verdict against Gerardo Espinosa, who awaits sentencing Aug. 25.
    Espinosa was baby-sitting his 11-week-old daughter Areli Rubi on Oct. 29 while his 20-year-old wife was at work.
    Prosecutors say Espinosa shook the infant when he was unable to get her to quit crying while he was playing video games

    2007-05-21 12:56:53 by RedHot_SubDom

    If only it were that easy

    He's off in another place... He gets excited to hang with the guys, when it involves cars... and when I ask if we could do something together... like yesterday I was supposed to go meet up with a new group I belong to for artists... it was gonna be a night full of art, pizza and video games... had tons of promise... well, instead I had to deal with going out with his cousin, a 20 year old guy that is a Marine, all he talked about was killing people and how fun it was and the gorry details and about how all he wanted to do was get drunk and fuck... and the rest of the day was spent sitting around while HE napped

    2008-10-05 16:36:30 by anon-for-this-one

    You might have some hurt feelings

    It is a tough call. If you are allowing children only of people who are coming from out of town, or children who are related to you, then you might be able to exclude friend's children. But I would be clear with this so they know why there are some children and not their children.
    You might also consider renting a room near your reception and setting up a baby-sitting center in that room for your wedding only. Hire friends of yours, or friends of your cousins, etc. to entertain the children in that room (not strangers recommended by the hotel). But be sure you provide many games and toys and snacks for all of them

    2009-01-31 02:38:22 by spagrl4u

    People often consider a baby shower

    As an obligation, and feel the main requirement is to show up and bring a gift. Many people these days, due to the economy, are having to do the jobs of 2 people or more in order to keep thier jobs and have precious little personal time. Spending it sitting around playing games and chit-chatting with random people while thier own families and loved ones who they rarely get to see anymore are not with them is no way to spend a day off. Much as I adore someone and am happy for them, I do not have time to spend hours at such an event, but would make an appearance and bring a gift. Then find a hammock and a good book

    2013-07-19 16:58:53 by -

    Many couples have co-ed baby showers

    But even if it is a women only party, the gifts are for the BABY not the woman herself, so the FAMILY benefits. The husband doesn't have to be around to reap the benefits of the baby shower.
    Most female only baby showers are a chance for women to bond and play games and most men don't want to go. Sitting around swapping baby stories and ooohing and aahing over baby clothes isn't most men's idea of fun.
    You can't have a baby without a woman. So even in an extreme situation where the woman births the baby and skips town leaving the dad to take care of it, she should be leaving all the gifts with him because she has no use for it.

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