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Surely you have heard that it is important to place the baby on his tummy several times a day so you can learn to push up and, over time, begin to crawl . But what do you do when your little cries and gets upset when you put in this position? If your baby is used to sleeping on your back, congratulations! Sleeping on the back is the position that helps reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS, for its acronym in English) also known as "crib death." However, while awake is essential that your little moments pass face down, lying on his belly, from the first day of life. According to experts, babies who do not often suffer delays in motor development.

"Tummy time helps babies to push up, roll over , sit, crawl and stand up, "says Danette Glassy, ​​a pediatric in Mercer Island, Washington, and president of the committee of early education and care of children American Academy of Pediatrics.

Until 1992, when the American Academy of Pediatrics began to insist that parents their babies lie down on your back, most of the little sleeping face down and were accustomed to being in that position. Today, most babies are much more comfortable on your back, which is not only the position you sleep, but also where you spend a lot of time (in their car seats , swings, strollers ).

So it is not uncommon for babies do not like tummy. Aside from not being a position to which they are accustomed, are physically uncomfortable. Your baby will have trouble keeping your head straight when lying on his tummy, and not much to look at that position. Your little one may even feel abandoned.

Here are some strategies to make your baby feel more comfortable on his tummy, as well as some products that can help you.

Ideally, teaches Glassy, ​​is her company by lying on the floor you too. Encourage him, talk to him, shake his rattle, make him grimacing, playing cover and uncovering the face. Insurance also entertains seeing exercise for the legs and the abdomen (also he is exercising).

Another option is to lay him face down on your belly, whether lying on the floor in a reclining chair or even in the bathtub.

Once your baby can control his head enough (around 4 months) can play with it on the plane. Lie on the floor and bend your knees. Place the baby in the tummy against your legs and head up to your knees. Then lift it with your legs while holding it firmly. Surely will love the view and movement.

You can also place it face down on your bed, near the shore, while staying seated on the floor with your face close to hers.

You may like more the soft surface of the bed and, in addition, it is easier for you to talk to him in this position.

Tip: Make sure your babysitter or the person who cares for your baby understands the importance of putting into play their stomachs while awake, and the importance of always lay him back to sleep.

2006-08-03 09:48:43 by redheaded

I start with the case lying on the bed

I open it up so it's open in the middle and all scrunched down on the sides. Then I pick him up and hold him from under his front arms (like picking up a baby) and dangle his back legs into the case. While he dangles, I pull the case up around him. It generally only takes a minute, and by the time he figures out what's going on it's too late to fight me!
He's a wiggler, too. I've learned to just be FAST. Also, I only do two paws in one sitting.

2009-03-12 19:25:33 by shaendra


For those who remember, I have a new minpin that's skittish and escaped to the back yard on Sunday afternoon. Well, I managed to lure her inside with a lunchmeat breadcrumb trail and flip the doggie door shut behind her last night around midnight, so she was in the house at least. Even got her calmed down enough to lick my hand (after lying on my back for awhile in a submissive position... had been doing that out in the grass in the back yard the previous two nights).
All was well, I thought, until this morning. According to my husband, when he came home from taking the baby to daycare this morning, the clothes basket I had blocked the doggie door with had been pushed aside enough and the minpin was back in the back yard

2007-08-02 17:42:08 by chabela

3 things i saw today

(only have pics of the latter)
1) a raggedy looking(homeless?) guy sitting on the grass (a few blocks down from the jail) holding his buddy's head in his lap (also raggy and most likely homeless), his buddy was lying on his back, it was so tender looking, and kinda sad.
2) one of the wildest, craziest looking women I have seen in a loooong time. about 60-65 years old, long, greasy purple hair bound up in intricate braids & coils on top of her head & neck, clothing was stevie nicks meets early madonna, she was tall and super-skinny wearing what were at least 4" purple glitter shoes w/ little girl lacy socks

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