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Down the babysitter! ( France ) or Down babysitters! ( Quebec ) (My Sister, my Sitter) is the 17th episode of Season 8 of the television series of animated The Simpsons .

As a new harbor will be opened to great fanfare in Springfield, Lisa plans to babysit to earn some money - and probably win the trust of people, proving his abilities despite his young age: "I'm very mature for my age! "She says about her. She spends ads, especially during the Mass of the Reverend Lovejoy . Despite all his will, no one agrees to take his service.

Forced to fly to the Holy Land to rescue his wife, Ned Flanders is resolved in disaster grant him custody of his children, although he is considered too young to keep his two son "turbulent". Lisa performs flawlessly its mission. Since the news spread and soon Lisa sees its customers grow. Everything works fine, including its finances, and Dr. Hibbert goes to declare that he has "never seen a girl as responsible." This is a great pride for the lady.

However, the port and its chic boutiques are about to be inaugurated, and the opportunity for Homer and Marge , dressed in tuxedo and evening dress, spend the night there. But they decided to entrust the task of Lisa "the (sic) keep tonight." Horrified and appalled, Bart , can not accept that her younger sister plays the babysitter will do everything for her life miserable that day ...

The book reads Lisa's twin babysitters is a parody of the Baby-sitters Club

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2009-07-19 22:35:16 by starrlite27

I miss my babies too =(

this is nala when she was 10 weeks old and this was 8 yrs ago she had to be put down last year cause she had the feline leukemia. she was my oldset sons best friend
i also miss my baby jr he was 12yrs and passed 2years ago of old age as what i was told. dont have a pic of him right yet but will after tomorrow i also have a dog bruner i miss he was 7 yrs he was hit by a car when my cousin was pet sitting him while i was on vacation :(

2009-11-22 14:46:41 by part-one_____

Need advice about daughter situation

She came to me because she can't remember her past. Anything before age 13 is blurry to her. She says she has a max of 10 memories from before she was 13, and all of them are horrible.
She also made a few confessions to me and asked why she would have done this at that age. She said at age 6 she remembers putting a screw driver in herself, at age 9 she would let her puppy lick her (down there) and by age 13 she was sexually active with boys.
I admit, I didn't give her the best childhood a mother could have, she had to watch me and her father be EXTREMELY violent with each other, we divorced when she was 8 or 9 and we had to live with my mom

2009-01-13 12:53:09 by Pets_R_Great

I Cleaned Up Your Mess Today - again

You decided that you wanted to move to an apartment that didn't allow pets (and by the way, landlords are forbidden to do this in Toronto). I don't know what lured you. Maybe it was a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Maybe it was a great view. Maybe you liked the woodwork. At any rate, it was more important to you than she was. So you took her down to the shelter, still wearing her cute little pink leopard collar with a bow, and you cheerfully wrote on the card that she was very healthy for her age and friendly and just likes to sleep in the sun! I guess you knew her pretty well - you put her birthday down on the card, too, making me believe you've probably had her for her entire life

2012-08-31 20:25:31 by bilgebaby

I suspect you have not reached the age of 30

Despite what you think,
In but a few years you will be kicking yourself in the ass. That beater you are driving will not be safe or good enough for that new baby. When you try to buy a newer car, look for 20+ % interest. And where your living in that part of town is full of dopers and your GF/Wife/SO will say move or goodby, and the applications keep getting turned down.
Thinking about 'whatever comes' will just not cut it!
Been there, done that, with calouses on my ass from sitting waiting for the world to GIVE ME what I want!

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