Baby sitting 4 months old

Birmingham, AL Baby Plan Photographer: ADORABLE 4 Month old

First, how to appease the baby
Baby has the ability to self-soothe, such as: the hand into his mouth, suck fingers, suck fist or tongue, or face pay attention to the sound around, change their posture. Babies usually expressed by crying that he needs to vent may also cry body through some of the pressure or excessive stimulation. Infants may in certain times of the day especially agitated, for example, the evening into the wee hours of this period of time, after which they sleep especially cooked. As the baby grows, you will gradually be able to distinguish the baby cries represent different meaning.

In the first few months, the baby's crying give immediate appropriate response does not spoil the baby. You can determine whether he was hungry, too hot or too cold, the diapers are changed.

If none of the above situation, you can wait ten seconds or so, to see whether he is self-soothing action. If not, you can order past actions:

1 let him see your face;
(2) a steady gentle tone and talk to him;
3 hands on his stomach;
4 according to the baby's arm placed on the baby's chest, so that the baby's arm bent cross;
5 wrap the baby comfortable;
6 hold up the baby;
7 gentle shaking.

If these methods are unable to appease when and only ate less than one hour, you can try to use pacifiers. A group of infants using the above methods can not appease down, if there is no other disease physician checked, it may be the baby colic, the real reason is still unknown.

In addition to the above method, the number of regular and monotone voice or action, relatively easy to appease infants. You can try:

One would hold the baby upright on the chest, so that his head resting against the throat of caregivers, while jiggle while gently talking.
(2) let the baby face down, the body lying on the arm adults, light pressing the stomach.
3 adults sitting baby with two position, lying on the adult's lap, light massage by hand or pat his back his hips.

Second, feeding
(A) milk:
1 storage period (1) extruded milk unless within one hour use, or should be immediately placed in the refrigerator.
(2) within 48 hours after the extrusion will not be used for freezing the milk.

(2) heat treatment of thawing (1) heating the milk should not be excessive, the bottle can be placed in warm water (500C) inside the heat resisting slightly shake the fat mixture.
(2) thaw over unheated milk can be put in the refrigerator within 24 hours.
(3) by heating the unused milk should be discarded when the meal, so try only when heating milk to avoid wasting food.

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My twins were like that, crawling at 4 months,

Getting themselves into sitting positions by 5 months, eating finger food by 6 months, walking at 9 & 10 months, RUNNING opposite directions be 12 months! It was crazy! They have not slowed down a bit since.
Once when they were just 5 months old, one of them climbed up on the double stroller while my back was turned at a moms & babies group. He got up with his feet on the arm rest and reaching to the top of the stroller. I was talking to another mom and she said OMG look! Her baby was the same age and not rolling over yet. I always had to pull my babies off the other ones who were laying on their backs on the floor.

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She's 2 weeks old, babies cry a lot at that age

Just because she never has before doesn't mean that anything is wrong. her life history isn't that long for you to judge yet what is normal and not for her, and babies change every single day for the first few months. She could be hitting colic age, growth spurt, or just a general realization that she's not in the womb.
If you haven't read Happiest Baby on the Block then buy it, read it and follow it exactly as he outlines it. That's what helped my baby when she was 1-8 weeks old. Some of the stuff may sound a bit kooky, but disregard the fact that it might seem odd and just follow it exactly

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Babysitting pay question

I'm the babysitter and have been sitting for this family for about a year. I never set an hourly rate but they always paid me about the same, $15/hour give or take a little for one kid (a girl 2).
Last weekend I babysat for them both weekend nights and sat for the 2 year old AND their new baby, 4 months old. I was paid the same amount.
I'm already scheduled to sit for them this coming weekend as well.
It's tricky because I never set an hourly rate with them before and I assumed (apparently wrongly) that I'd be receiving more since I'm watching both kids

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