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Your baby's development in the first year progresses apace. From the first smile, about to crawl up to the first cautious steps alone - many things happened in this Well, the independent seats notwenige requires the stretching of the spine. Babies are, due to their location in the maternal womb, with a "round" back to the world. In the first phase, the cervical spine is stretched. We see the fact that the baby is about a minute long alone can keep his head in the prone position. Phase two of the extension is now for the independent seats learn Prerequisite: here in fact stretches the thoracic spine of the baby. And for completeness: the 3 phase includes the extension of the lumbar spine. Once this is finished, so the child can walk all alone and so explore his world from a different perspective. In addition to the extension of the child's spine is also the muscles of the baby needs to develop slowly. Therefore, our urgent advice: do not force into a sitting position when this of itself is not even your baby is able! Again and again we see babies, supported by several pillows in which high chair to attend the family meal. Such actions harm your child only and should absolutely be avoided.
Important at this stage is that your baby wear properly .

Like a baby but is now in a sitting position?
Most children reach this stage of development on the Bug . Have they lifted once from the prone position in the four-Füssler stand, the seats is not far off.

From when should babies sit?
But is now banned any seats, as long as it can not alone your baby? No, it's not that. Of course you can put your offspring for example when feeding on your lap. More than 10 minutes you should not do this but, and above all please make sure that your baby is here in a slightly inclined position and is well supported by you. At early common sitting posture can lead to later. In addition, scientists have found that babies who were often placed in the sitting position, although they were of themselves to not even be able to often just skip the crawling phase. This sounds at first not so bad, but with the result that the cross-over movements by the lack of crawling is not enough to be trained, which in turn can lead to later motor problems. Dear Parents, so please be patient. Most babies learn to about the eighth month around the independent seats. Some are a little early for it and others need a little more time. Give your child this time and always keep in mind that every baby sets his own pace of development of the day.
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    2009-07-24 09:04:55 by sangygogo

    There is nothing odd about it babies are all

    Different and just because she can do that at 6 months doesn't mean anything. She still may not walk on her own until 14 months.
    To answer your question all of my kids could crawl between 5.5 and 6.5 months. DS! sat on his own at 3.5 months, DS2 and DD didn't pull themselves to a sitting position until almost 6 months. I'm not up to digging out baby books right now but by 8mos DS1 was calling everyone in the family by name and speaking in simple sentences most of the time. At 7 months DD would say hi mama when I cam e home and called DH daddy, not dada. DS2 would scream his brother's name followed by stop at about 6

    2012-06-09 11:48:11 by Click-Clack

    Make him responsible for his own bodily

    Functions then. "Tell him, here are your underwear. If you choose to pee or poop in them you will be responsible for cleaning them up. This is how many you have each week. If you run out you need to tell me.
    Know that you can't go swimming at the pool until you are in control of your pee and your poop and they don't let boys into preschool in the fall who are not in control of their functions.
    You are a big boy and it's time to stop peeing and pooping in your pants like a baby. I will help you remember to go, but you have to cooperate and go in the potty when you're sitting on it

    2008-09-09 14:06:18 by NateB

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    2013-05-09 09:33:35 by GreenKisses

    Rave: little one is sitting on her own and is

    Much happier.
    Rant/Sad Share: My Dh's grandfather is dying. He is in renal and heart failure. He had a heart attack last night and needed to be revived. We visited with our baby about 2 months ago (to basically say goodbye, so he could meet his first great grandbaby). Anyway, my BIL has always suffered depression. He checked himself into a program for 2 weeks and we didn't know about it until after the fact. He isn't telling anyone very much, and SIL isn't telling either. He took today off to work from home, since he's struggling mentally (he tried to kill himself years ago when a girl broke up with him)

    2005-03-22 09:28:54 by screwy

    Some thoughts on this.

    It really kills me to see that the Christian right is using this poor shell of a woman as their soapbox here. If she were 80 years old, people wouldn't give a crap about removing her feeding tube. All of a sudden when someone utters those words "she has a RIGHT TO LIFE", you have every lunatic lifer running to her aid. Her doctors say there is nothing that can be done. Now, I'm hearing from these fringe crackpots that Michael Schiavo only wants to end her suffering because he really strangled her, so he's afraid she's going to wake up and finger him as her would-be-murderer. For the record, folks: Terri Schiavo had an eating disorder

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